Ben Ray chickens out of TV debates — GOP opponent Mark Ronchetti wipes the floor with him

On Tuesday, Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan agreed to only one debate with his Republican opponent, Mark Ronchetti on KOAT and one forum which will be sponsored by a “liberal front group” on KNME, according to Ronchetti’s campaign. In recent history, U.S. Senate candidates in New Mexico held at least three televised debates on the three major networks (KOB 4, KOAT 7, and KRQE 13). 

Ronchetti said, “I want the voters of New Mexico to hear what I stand for. Ben Ray thinks he is entitled to the Senate seat and doesn’t want to explain a voting record that is out of touch with New Mexico.” 

“Serving as a U.S. Senator is an honor,” continued Ronchetti. “The people of this state deserve to see us exchange ideas and I’m ready to do that on all of our major media outlets before ballots go out. It’s important that as many voters as possible can hear from both of us, so they can make an informed decision for this election. I welcome the opportunity to share my positions with all of the voters in New Mexico.” 

Ben Ray Luján is well-known for his closeness to far-left Democrats, namely, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who created the title of “Assistant Speaker” for him to boost his prestige in the Democrat Party. 

During just this campaign cycle, Luján has preyed on seniors, falsely claiming their Social Security and Medicare will be slashed, he voted on the partisan impeachment of President Trump along with all his colleagues in the New Mexico delegation, he got the endorsements of abortion up-to-birth and infanticide groups, he mocked Latino Trump voters and praised racist Al Sharpton. He also exploited the Coronavirus to raise campaign cash and repeatedly lied about his record in the U.S. House, falsely claiming President Trump signed his bill.

Luján has not passed a single bill of his own into law, which Ronchetti’s campaign manager, Jeff Glassburner, blasted him for, saying, “I don’t blame Ben Ray for hiding from the debates, because he knows he has to hide his far-left, extremist, D.C. record. He spent over a decade climbing Nancy Pelosi’s ladder while never passing even one bill into law.” 

“Ben Ray Luján represents everything that is wrong with politics. He is a career politician who has sold out New Mexico, and now wants to hide from voters.” 

Luján has been virtually absent from his sprawling northern New Mexico district, not even bothering to show up on Election Night 2018, opting to instead stay with Nancy Pelosi in the Washington, D.C. swamp to watch election results roll in for his far-left friends in his party. For a man who holds a safe Democrat +8 seat, he doesn’t really need to campaign that hard, so he doesn’t. That same mindset appears to show up in his Senate run, but judging by his record, a promotion to the upper chamber of Congress would not be in the cards for Luján.

For more information on Ben Ray Luján’s failed record in the House, please check out this article. Ronchetti’s latest television ad can be seen here:


8 thoughts on “Ben Ray chickens out of TV debates — GOP opponent Mark Ronchetti wipes the floor with him”

  1. I would like to know which group is supporting the KNME debate – it doesn’t look good to make an attack like this without more specifics. It is an awful look for Lujan and anyone else trying to avoid more debates, I agree on that!

  2. little Benny-boy has been cuddled up to mommy Nanc far too long!! He turned his back on New Mexico as he headed for the plane and has NEVER looked back at the people of NM!! A money hungry scumbag from that Loserjan family! Manual, Moocher Loserjan Gruesome. There’s more names can be added but you see the pattern.. USELESS and corrupt!

  3. When a politician refuses to walk on to a stage to talk about himself and his accomplishments tells me he does not have much to discuss and report back to the citizens of New Mexico. He has failed in our mandate as a representative of New Mexico.

    To believe in a dynasty of a the family Lujan, Ben believes his position is secure which reminds me of the medieval nobility of Europe.. This also describes Ben’s view of the citizens of New Mexico as peasants, peons, uneducated and unclean AND a never ending supply of tax money. We do not subscribe to the Nobles’ God given right to rule, we are not in medieval England. We are in the 21st century living in a land that should be fighting for our God given our individual rights and freedoms and we should not blindly turn over our country to a tyrant just because his last name is Lujan.

    My last remark is this, if Ben is unwilling to take the debate stage to debate and discuss the future and direction of our state and our nation then Ben is indeed another corrupt politician and seeking control and power for his own personal gain. And worthy to represent New Mexico.

  4. I absolutely expected #DoNothingLUJAN to back out of the debates. After all, he was a proud co sponsor of the ATAA which would have forced every man, woman, and child with Autism and Aspergers to ‘register’ and submit to being monitored as though they were common criminals. He did get a D (should have been a F-) from the NRA. He voted blindly with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time. He voted time and time again against the police, our veterans, our soldiers while he proudly held up the troops funding so that Democrat Pork barrel projects could get rail roaded through. And he has refused to condemn the bigotry against Jews on Twitter as they are triple banned without cause, or permanently banned from Twitter altogether only because they are Jews. Amazing that the only time #DoNothingLujan does anything is when it is to hurt #WeThePeople!

  5. Hey with Ben Ray and Martin Heinrich New Mexico’s delegation will be dumb and dumber. Think about it folks, are these the two you want to protect Sandra NL and Los Alamos NL?

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