MLG touts NM’s Green New Deal in DNC speech, bashes Trump as ‘existential crisis’

On Wednesday night, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham briefly addressed the Democrat National Convention. She surprisingly spoke about her massive “climate change” proposals, alluding to her work to pass New Mexico’s “mini” Green New Deal, also known as the “Energy Transition Act.” She stood in front of an Albuquerque-area solar array to give her remarks.

Her speech is below:

“I am proud that New Mexico has shown what climate leadership looks like.  While the Trump Administration has been eliminating environmental protections, we expanded them. While they’ve been rolling back regulations on oil and gas, we’ve taken on polluters and held them accountable. We’ve committed to a renewable energy future with exciting and fulfilling careers for workers all across our beautiful state, including right here in the heart of Northern New Mexico. We’re laying a roadmap here for what America can and would look like in the 21st century — an America where we lead again, where we build safer, cleaner, and more affordable cities and communities, where we provide meaningful opportunities for workers and families to thrive and build better lives. 

As president, Joe Biden will rejoin the international climate agreement, and the United States will once again lead on this critical issue. At home, he’ll invest in energy workers, and he will deliver for working families across the U.S., helping them build meaningful careers while accelerating our nation and world into a clean, green 21st Century and beyond. 

“We know time is running out to save our planet. We have the chance this November to end two existential crises: the Trump presidency and the environmental annihilation he represents. We have the chance this November to attack the climate crisis, invest in green, 21st Century jobs, and embrace the clean energy revolution our country, our young people are crying out for, and the leadership the rest of the world is waiting for. The choice is clear. The choice is Joe Biden.” 

Lujan Grisham was also featured in a pro-abortion montage shortly afterward, as well as Rep, Deb Haaland 

Rep. Ben Ray Luján, who has claimed Lujan Grisham is not his cousin, tweeted her remarks, writing, “[Michelle Lujan Grisham] has led New Mexico with conviction and set a national example for strong leadership in the face of #COVID19. If you didn’t catch her live at the #DemConvention, check out the recap to watch her make New Mexico proud.”

Afer the speech, Larry Behrens of Power the Future sent out the following statement:

“Governor Lujan Grisham’s feeble defense of the green agenda tonight is made even more insincere as millions of Americans are dealing with blackouts after renewable promises failed our working families.

The Biden/Harris energy plan calls for a ban on fracking which will destroy over 100,000 jobs in New Mexico and cost our state billions. Governor Lujan Grisham knows their plan will upend New Mexico’s economy, but clearly her primetime audition takes priority over our families.”

It was previously speculated that if Biden is elected, Lujan Grisham would be considered for Health and Human Services secretary, however, her anti-Trump climate speech on the national stage makes it clear she is more interested in a role at possibly the Environmental Protection Agency or possibly the Department of Energy.


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