As MLG refuses to act on crisis, Border Patrol works with NM border DA instead

Last month, over 137,000 illegal immigrants were intercepted trying to cross into the U.S. at non-designated entry points along the border near El Paso, Texas. Doña Ana County District Attorney Gerald Byers has entered into a cooperative agreement with U.S. Border Patrol to address this issue.

The purpose of the agreement is to enhance the safety and security of border communities by increasing prosecutorial actions. This collaboration comes in response to growing safety concerns for both residents and Border Patrol agents in the area. 

The move also comes after open-borders Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham pulled all New Mexico National Guard personnel from the border early in her first term and said, “I reject the federal contention that there exists an overwhelming national security crisis at the Southern border.” She also dubbed the crisis as a “charade of border fear-mongering.”

Mount Cristo Rey, a key landmark and cherished monument, has become one of the primary locations affected by the scourge of illegal immigration. Border Patrol agents were caught telling a Fox News reporter the sacred mountain was “theirs” now, referring to the Cartel. Despite the crisis, Lujan Grisham will not work with federal authorities to alleviate the effects of the invasion, not even during the special session she has called for July 18, which is supposed to deal with public safety.

 “Mount Cristo Rey has a history here. It was built by El Pasoans, so a lot of people have made their pilgrimages,” explained Ruben Escandon, Jr., a representative of the Mount Cristo Rey Restoration Committee. Escandon also noted the monument’s recent challenges with migration, recalling times when the area saw significant crossings. “Even years ago, when we had smaller groups that would go, we would escort a church group of maybe 60 to 70 people, and there would be 90 to 100 people come down,” he stated.

Crime has escalated in the area, making it riskier for individuals visiting alone. “When people are isolated up there, there [were] a lot of robberies going on, a lot of events that would happen,” added Escandon, who now advises visitors to participate in organized group events for safety.

The new pact with Border Patrol was initiated by the agency itself, which expressed concerns about the local community’s safety in southern Doña Ana County, as well as that of its agents. Byers emphasized that the agreement is geared towards enforcing state laws against criminal activities detected by border officials, focusing on public safety rather than immigration issues. “If the message is brought to those folks who would attempt to cross illegally, that Doña Ana County is not the place to do that because of safety hazards to themselves and prosecution because it violates public safety, then that is more incentive for people to go through the port of entry,” Byers stated.

Moreover, Byers highlighted that border towns such as Sunland Park, Santa Teresa, and Anapra have been particularly affected by heavy trafficking and illegal immigrant crossings. The focus of legal scrutiny under this agreement will include crimes such as breaking and entering, harboring a felon, extortion, human trafficking, and other severe violent offenses.


14 thoughts on “As MLG refuses to act on crisis, Border Patrol works with NM border DA instead”

  1. MLG is derelict in her duty to secure the safety and security of the borderland. She needs to be held accountable.

    1. Yes, but who is going to hold her accountable???? Everyone who is charged with the accountability is in her hip pocket….Who do you tell???? There is no one to tell. She could be executing people in the streets and who would we tell?? The Legislature? No! The State Supreme Court? No! The State Police? No! They are all in her hip pocket. It’s like Nazi Germany. Try telling anyone in power what Hitler is doing….go ahead and try. They are in it with her!

  2. Good luck if we think congress or our state government will put an end to this treason. Too much cheap labor for their corporate masters and new voters for them.

    Action at the local level, particularly counties may be the way to save ourselves.

  3. MLG, Heinrich, Stansbury and Leger Fernandez have all been rubber stamps for Biden, Pelosi and Obama from Day One…they demonstrate their Marxist ideology every time they open their mouths and then vote. Seen them in action in Congressional hearings? Embarrassing and outrageous. But state voters, in their ignorance and Democrat ‘tradition’ keep voting them into office.

  4. Writers forgot to add all the repulsive rinos and also rino speaker of the house Mike Johnson who have betrayed the American people once again. While sending billions to Ukraine and Israel not a penny was allocated for border security. Maybe their really on the same team as MLG and Biden and we’re just dupes who argue incessantly about “left” “right” like fools. Maybe it’s the rinos and the democommies against the American people!

  5. The sooner we remove Loserjan from squatting in the roundhouse the better off New Mexico will be!! Let the people who have busted their asses to keep America safe do their job– and let the citizens be protected.. Loserjan and Hiney-lick have done nothing but try to destroy and cripple the people of New Mexico!! Public hanging of treasonistic politicians is suggested!! New Mexicans need to arm themselves and be on the ready or the corrupt politicians will hand our land and rights away whilst taking kickbacks!

  6. Nothing will change until we drag that 5 foot troll out of office. But is anyone doing anything??? NOPE. Months after she tried taking our guns literally DEFYING THE CONSTITUTION. MLG is nothing but a traitor and no one’s doing anything!!! Her husband has ties with Mexico/drugs and is a crook so she loves that the border is wide open.

  7. Anna Marie Sanchez

    Yes the oppressed will keep voting for their oppressors. And those who are blind too the truth. As well as all the liberal leftist we’ve attracted to NM. Very sad.

  8. Stephen C Helmreich

    I moved to Las Cruces in 1988 and already then we were advised not to climb Mount Cristo Rey by ourselves, but only in a large group, preferably with some security. This has been a problem for over 35 years, and I didn’t see King, Johnson, or Martinez deal with it either.

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