What you risk when you stand by your vote

Those who pay attention to the Republican National Committee know a fight for control of the organization occurred in the months leading up to the winter meeting in 2023. 

Leadership at the RNC is voted on every two years, and typically, the Chair is chosen by a sitting Republican president or the Republican nominee for President.

On December 19, 2022, Turning Point, USA, sent an email to all 168 members of the RNC. Charlie Kirk, the organization’s executive director, issued a threat. In essence, members who did not vote for his choice of chair would face a primary challenge under the pretense that the “grassroots were unhappy.”

From the email – “I am launching the Mount Vernon Project. This is a special project of Turning Point Action funded graciously by donors who are vocally disenchanted with the 168, which will seek to recruit leaders to serve on the RNC and at the state level who wish to better represent the grassroots voice.”

On the day my vote was cast, I was stopped by Charlie Kirk in the lobby of the convention hotel. He was asking members who they were voting for. Afraid to have a target on their back, many were known to say they were supporting his choice, even though they weren’t. I didn’t lie, I told him who I was supporting and why. Clearly not the answer he wanted to hear.

Once the votes were calculated, Kirk’s candidate had lost two to one to the sitting chair.

In addition to Kirk’s threat, RNC members were also doxxed by a group supporting his candidate, then the candidate herself, as she shared all of our contact information on X, formerly Twitter, not once, but three times in one day.

I am running for National Committeewoman again, not to represent the interests of any national organization but to represent New Mexico Republicans. No one outside my state recruited me.

I currently have 17 New Mexico endorsements and 10 from sitting legislators, and my list continues to grow. I have worked hard for the last 16 years to build relationships within my party and work with elected officials and volunteers to move our party forward. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished.

 The Quadrennial convention, where convention delegates will decide my race, takes place on April 27th. I humbly ask for your support for a second term on the Republican National Committee. Please read my Bio for more information. 

Tina Dziuk is an economic developer and the National Committeewoman for the Republican Party of New Mexico. She can be reached at tdziuk@aol.com.

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3 thoughts on “What you risk when you stand by your vote”

  1. I definitely like that Stephanie Lord endorsed her but wheres John Block? Charlie Kirk is pretty good about wanting to save America and doing everything he can to do so. I wonder who he wanted versus who she wanted and why she didn’t want who Kirk wanted. Hmm. This story raises a lot of questions for me. And regarding the election integrity war room, what was the result? Is our election system in NM corrupted?

    1. Totally agree with Raquel. I am a registered republican only because I want to vote in the primaries. The NM Republican Party is weak and does little to nothing for the Republicans running for offices across the state. I even volunteered for them, Many politicians in NM think their ideas are what the people want, many time they are the complete opposite. Please remember most of NMs are conservative, just ask folks questions without using any party name. The bad thing is many dems (really conservatives) vote with Dems because they do not have the time or access to conservative news orgs to know the democrat party they think they are voting for left 20 years ago and our schools are still brain washing our kids to be Dems.

  2. I learned long time ago that if the Republicans don’t get off their asses and place people in local, county and state races, we will be with this Democrat led group forever. Take for instance the northern part of NM. The democrats place 2 or 3 candidates on the ballot for the primary. The winner is automatically the one going to Santa Fe because the Republican Party has failed to gather someone to run. Also, the state Republican Party does not give as much importance to Congress District 3 as it does for 1 &2. For those of you out there that didn’t now the Republican Party was started in Las Vegas and was very strong up north. Now it stands to come back to the Republicans but it won’t happen until the party moves to bring in people.

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