All the New Mexico politicians on Russia’s ‘blacklist’

Russia is banning more Americans from its soil amid its armed conflict with Ukraine started in February 2022. According to Russian state media, TASS, the total number of U.S. citizens banned from the country has reached 963. 

“Russia seeks no confrontation and remains open to honest, mutually respectful dialogue, distinguishing the American people, who invariably enjoy our respect, from the US authorities, who foment Russophobia, and those who serve them. It is these individuals who are put on Russia’s ‘blacklist,’” the Russians wrote.

Here are all the New Mexicans who are banned from entry into Russia:


5 thoughts on “All the New Mexico politicians on Russia’s ‘blacklist’”

  1. Gabe Vasquez, who MLG managed to shove down the throats of the only conservative stronghold in the state is absolutely a Marxist and should be deported to Russian where he can see how the other side lives. He no more represents the people of the district that existed prior to democrats gerrymandering away any opposition. MLG plays dirty, as does SOS Toulouse Oliver and every democrat in the state. Do I believe the last election was fair and open, no. As long as democrats hold power their will never be an honest election in the state.

    1. Stephanie McKenzie

      All I can say is I am praying every day that all those who do not believe in God’s values and do not follow the constitution have to leave New Mexico. I don’t care where they go but is Russia doesn’t want them maybe China does.

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