Keller, top Dems buck mandate, spotted maskless at indoor wedding reception

According to posts on Facebook from Democrat Bernalillo County City Clerk Linda Stover, Democrat Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller was spotted with her and others at a maskless indoor wedding reception for Kristal Martinez-Ibarra and Shaun Peña, a graphic designer. 

The photos posted on Stover’s wall show Stover embracing Keller and posing with Albuquerque City Council President Cynthia Borrego — all maskless. Shaun Peña is the son of Klarissa Peña, who is also a city councilor. Also in attendance were Steven Michael Quezada, a Democrat Bernalillo County Commissioner, and state Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo).

When challenged on Facebook over the maskless event, Stover claimed, “[W]e were all vaccinated – [D]on’t jump so quickly to try and make a nice moment look bad.” 

The commenter responded, writing, “[U]nfortunately regardless of vaccination status state and local mandates say masks are to be worn indoors in public places. Just sick of seeing politicians make rules fo[r] everyone but themselves.”

The Facebook commenter’s concerns are accurate, as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s health mandate requires masks to be worn at all times indoors except when actively eating or drinking. Keller’s own mandate requires the same, writing:

“[A]ll individuals age 2 years and older shall wear a mask or multilayer cloth face covering in all indoor public settings except when eating or drinking.”

The maskless wedding reception is in direct violation of these rules that all New Mexicans are forced to live by, except evidently Democrat politicians, who have bucked the mandates.

Previously, the Piñon Post exclusively uncovered photos showing Deb Haaland previously held a maskless indoor wedding at the Hyatt Tamaya resort last month. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham refused to comment on Haaland’s wedding. It is unclear if Lujan Grisham attended or had surrogates attend the wedding reception where Keller and other top New Mexico officials met. 

Keller is running for reelection against Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales and radio show host Eddy Aragon.


8 thoughts on “Keller, top Dems buck mandate, spotted maskless at indoor wedding reception”

  1. Will the cease and dissent order be sent from the Dr. Disgrace department to the Mayor and the place of the wedding??? Someone should send that to him as he tries to kill everyone with booster shots.

  2. The USA is quickly becoming a tiered society under communism. “Educated “ fools that have been propagandized in American educational systems believe that communism is equality, it’s not. The political class in China , Cuba and America are provided special status exempting themselves from the draconian laws they pass affecting the masses. That’s why you see these maskless supreme soviets flaunting their status under this system. While your child has to wear these useless unhealthy masks to show their obedience to this communist state, these soviets are partying down and threatening us with more unconstitutional mandates should you mention that disparity.

  3. And, of course, the response was to make it seem as if the person who called them out on breaking their own mandate was simply “ruining a nice moment.”

  4. Mandates don’t apply to Democratic’s. Deb Harlands recent wedding was mask less also, being part of the rich elite has its rewards and benefits. 9

  5. Keller and MLG death of New Mexico

    New Mexicans are stupid and we do what we are told. Have heard that Keller will win again. Manny has no chance. Sure Keller will cheat and they will steal the election. Anyway, these evil democraps, will continue abusing their power. Until the people of New Mexico fight back, take their masks off, and quit being sheep things will never change. These same sheep will keep voting for these scum bags. They need government to tell them how to live.. They can’t think on their own.. They deserve what they get.

  6. This kind of nonsense is one reason we moved from Albuquerque to Texas. New Mexico is beautiful and we miss our friends, but the destructive policies of the Democrats are appalling. Remember: YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IT.

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