Antifa-linked leftists blow a gasket over profile piece on Piñon Post editor

On the front page of the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Sunday issue, the paper ran a profile piece on Piñon Post editor and founder John Block titled “An unlikely conservative voice needles New Mexico’s left.” 

The profile wrote,“Block, who remains convinced Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election, has been called the unofficial spokesman of the Republican Party of New Mexico — given to writing incendiary things on politics and politicians that perhaps the party structure would not.”

The piece, which interviewed both Block and those who disagree with him, resulted in absolute pandemonium on social media, with 142 comments on the article itself as of 9:00 a.m. Wednesday with leftists losing their minds over the coverage. The article has since become the most popular on the site.

On social media, the fringe George Soros-funded dark money group ProgressNow New Mexico (PNNM) claimed Block and the Piñon Post are “extremist” and a “general threat to democracy,” urging its followers to frantically demand the New Mexican apologize for the profile piece. 

PNNM has previously shared propaganda from the domestic terrorist group “ANTIFA,” which promotes violence in American cities. PNNM encouraged its followers to doxx conservatives who the group disagrees with — yet it claims the Piñon Post’s accurate journalism is “extreme.”

It encouraged its followers to beg the New Mexican for an apology and to write angry letters to the editor showing the dissatisfaction of the far-left. 

Leftist state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo) has repeatedly bashed New Mexicans, including attacks on Law Enforcement, which she compared to the KKK. She chimed in on Twitter, writing, “It was beyond disappointing for a good newspaper to play into this pathology.” 

One commenter gave a little more sanity to the conversation, replying to Thomson, “So, it’s all good when @thenewmexican reports what the democrats want/like, but when they don’t, watch out 🙄 kinda makes one wonder about truth and unbiased journalism in New Mexico.”

It appears that the New Mexican piece, which was by no stretch of the imagination flattering to Block, has further “needled” New Mexico’s Radical Left and exposed more radicalism from the so-called “tolerant” leftists in the state.


17 thoughts on “Antifa-linked leftists blow a gasket over profile piece on Piñon Post editor”

  1. This media bullshit web site and sister Facebook page does not allow differing views of point. John Block, who is the cult member who runs the site blocks everyone who has a different view from himself. John spreads terribly fake news that harms all of America and is a threat to our Democracy. This fake post should be shut down so that people like John stop destroying this great country so that he can fill up his piggybank and spread his hate and cult misinformation. As for Antifa…the word means Anti Faciest. If you are not Anti Faciest, you automatically qualify for a position in the Nazi Party. Donald trump is the leader of your American Nazi party. Congratulations!

    1. Looks like John hit a nerve. Demanding cancellation of his post reeks of nazism. I suggest you look in the mirror Peter, your fascism is showing.

      1. Communists like Peter are conflicted because National Socialism is just like Communist Socialism except for the uniform standards.

        1. So TRUE , I like to point out the left loved Hitler, they even made him Man of the year , M. Sanger praised the NASDAP for using her Eugenics plans , he was everything the left loves , socialist, anti gun. Vegitarian ,socialized medical, housing, even Vacation programs for workers ! He only became a Rightwing extreamist when he started taking over the world !

    2. You wouldn’t know a NASDAP ( NAZI for dummies ) or a Fascist if one was pi–ing on you ? You seem confused as to the primary actions of Fascist, National socialist, socialist, Communist ! First & formost is the blocking banning of opositional opinions ! The fact your getting these replies is proof your lying !

      Next is the fact the left Always tries to silence opositional points of view ! Left of center is big, controlling government , Right is freedom. on the political spectrum !

    3. You are one ignorant turd….you sound like a 16 year old brainwashed little Commie Brat. Suck it up, get a job and educate yourself.

    4. Impeach the Michelle beast

      Cheaters eat peters, go back to your coloring books and crayons loser! And take that orange toothed Cheetos eating slob lizard Thompson with you.. keep up the good work John Block.

    5. If you would just use your brain for something other than manure you would see that it is the democrat party that is intolerant and pushing false narratives…not John Block or the Pinon post which seems to rile up you lieftsts, claming that it is wht is destroying democracy when it is inot. First off, we are NOT a democracy…we are a Constitutional Republic. Totally different. LOOK IT UP.
      A democracy is what the leftst want because it is nothing more than MOB RULE and the first step to Socialism….which WILL destroy America. You on the left are the real Nazi’s.

  2. To truly understand groups like Progress Now and people like Liz Thomson, look up Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “Theories of Stupidity.” As someone who saw his country devolve from philosophers and thinkers to Nazis, he has many good insights on how these morally deficient, cognitively insane people operate. Dark days are ahead until we get these people the help they need.

  3. It is wonderful and certainly a breath of much needed fresh air to read the Pinon Post, the articles, and particularly the comments. It does give me some hope that some day New Mexico may join other free states in recognizing the value of personal freedom, but I am not counting on it, Thank you, John, and congratulations on your bravery in starting the Pinon Post!

  4. Having weathered the 60’s this new generation has taken pessimism to an extreme. It has been said that in this time of radical change posited by the left, one is being forced to take sides. The leftist side leads to misery.

  5. Peter is a product of our current education system, he is too ignorant to understand that every time he opens his mouth and spouts the left’s typical rhetoric he makes himself look just as stupid as the rest of them!

  6. Mariana Anaya is the former CEO of Progressive New Mexico. She calls herself a lobbyist and now makes accusation’s she was harassed by a a state representative. This people are getting desperate nearing state elections.

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