ProgressNow NM proudly endorses NM domestic terrorist group ‘Antifa’ doxxing fellow citizens

On Wednesday, the New Mexico branch of the domestic terrorist group Antifa posted names and pictures of suspected “Proud Boys” and “New Mexico Civil Guard” members, encouraging followers to “dox” them — meaning to publish private information about them to ruin their lives. 

The tweet read, “Seriously hilarious that this kinda blew up. If you’re in New Mexico and want quick reference on prominent fascist names and faces, we made these for you! Save them on your phone and keep an eye out. More cards coming soon! #GottaDoxEmAll.” The tweet was followed by a chain of photoshopped pictures of the targeted individuals onto what appeared to look like Pokémon cards with their addresses, phone numbers, and businesses they own published for people to harass them. 

Far-left dark money group ProgressNow NM, which was started by leftist Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis, applauded the domestic terrorist group’s militant tactics, writing on Twitter, “Very handy guide for knowing your NM fascists by face and name. #NMpol.” 

Doxxing can be considered illegal. According to the law firm of Brickfield & Donahue, if private information was posted on the internet “with the intent of harassing the victim, intimidating them, invading their privacy, or having them assaulted, or inspiring or instructing someone else reading the information to do any of these things, the publication of the information is against the law. It is possible for doxxing in this way to be prosecuted as assault, as the intent was to intimidate someone or threaten them with violent conduct. The laws will more than likely change in the near future as this trend becomes even more worryingly common, but even until then the consequences for a full conviction can be severe.”

New Mexico Antifa and ProgressNow New Mexico could very well be in deep legal trouble for encouraging people to hunt down and harass their fellow citizens based on their political and ideological beliefs. 


4 thoughts on “ProgressNow NM proudly endorses NM domestic terrorist group ‘Antifa’ doxxing fellow citizens”

  1. antifa and blm Are Anti-American, Fascist, Soros Bowel Movements! We Know What To Do, Flush These Turds!

  2. ProgressNow NM -kinda reminiscent of the ACLU – no real need or goals -just sh** stirrers against who ever’s in the limelight this week.

  3. Hey folks, it works both ways! What’s good for Anti-Fact is good for us as-well…
    When they dox us, we dox them.
    I’ve been posting for years about us crying over their nasty tactics not being returned in kind….
    When mom & dad start getting nasty grams from the actions of their not-so-well-behaved demons living in the basement, we’ll see how THEY like it.

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