ANTIFA-linked dark money group dumping cash into get-out-the-vote campaign for Torres Small

A new Federal Election Commission independent expenditure report from the far-left dark money group ProgressNow New Mexico shows the group spending nearly $20,800 on a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaign to help Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small in New Mexico’s Second Congressional District race. 

The initial filing for $17,800 reads, “GOTV campaign – Every vote Counts Drop It Off” showing that it is “[i]n SUPPORT of Xochitl Torres Small.” Another filing reported an additional $3,000 going to the campaign. As well, the group spent $16,192 against Republican challenger Yvette Herrell on October 6, 2020. 

ProgressNow New Mexico is a dark money George Soros-funded group, that also gets funding from other dark money groups, such as America Votes. America Votes is funded by wealthy millionaire and billionaire donors, such as Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and George Soros. The group’s latest donation to ProgressNow New Mexico was $9,500 on September 27, 2020.

ProgressNow New Mexico is a radical pro-abortion group, supporting abortion up-to-birth and infanticide, calling restrictions on abortion “white supremacy.” The group also has promoted ANTIFA tweets. In July, the radical socialist group supported an Albuquerque ANTIFA group doxxing conservatives by publishing personal information about them online to target them. 

Now, ProgressNow New Mexico is backing radical liberal Xochitl Torres Small, who voted to ban handgun ownership for people under 21, impeached President Trump on two counts, refused to back a bill giving basic medical care to children born alive after failed abortions, and is a backer of New Mexico’s mini “Green New Deal.” 
Xochitl Torres Small faces Republican Yvette Herrell in the November 3, 2020, General Election, where Herrell leads Torres Small by two points in the latest liberal Albuquerque Journal poll.

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