Piñon Post poll: Most readers voting Republican regardless of political party affiliation

Piñon Post readers come from all different backgrounds, localities, and cultures across New Mexico. What binds them together is the desire to seek truth and hold government accountable in New Mexico–a state where too often government leaders are not held responsible to the will of the people. 

Last week, the Piñon Post launched our official pre-election survey, which ran from October 29 to November 1, where a sample of 434 readers told us how they voted or how they will vote this election.

99.8% of readers will be voting in the upcoming November 3rd election, with only one reader answering that they will not be voting. This statistic shows that the readership base of the Piñon Post is very politically active and excited to make a change at the ballot box.

89.9% of readers have already cast their votes, be they by absentee ballot or through early voting, which ended on Saturday. 10.1% of readers will be waiting to cast their votes on Election Day. Some of this 10.1% figure planned to vote early, as the poll ran during early voting.

A breakdown of respondents shows that 10.6% of readers cast their votes via absentee ballot, 81.1% voted early, and 8.3% will vote on Election Day. 

Respondents were then asked which party they will be voting for, with 97% saying they will be voting Republican, 1.4% voting Democrat, .7% voting Libertarian, and .9% voting for another party. 

Of the respondents, 84.3% of readers identified themselves as registered Republicans, while 6% are Democrats, 6.5% are Declined to State, and 3.2% are Libertarian.

The massive crossover from Democrats, Declined to State, and Libertarians to the Republican Party, getting 97% support at the polls, indicates that many registered Democrats and other parties will be voting Republican this election. It is important to note that Libertarian Gary Johnson won 9.3% of the vote in New Mexico in 2016, and without a robust Libertarian candidate on the ballot, the Piñon Post reader poll suggests that voters who may have gone either for Clinton or Johnson in 2016, may switch over to Trump in 2020. 

A Piñon Post Twitter poll also shows many supporting President Donald Trump over Joe Biden in the General Election, although less scientific.

Polls will open on Tuesday, November 3 at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. As long as voters are in line by 7:00.pm., they are allowed to vote regardless of how long voters must wait outside a precinct. Voters can find their precinct, their sample ballot, and other voter resources by clicking here

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