Another Lujan Grisham Cabinet secretary jumps ship

In the latest blow to the severely unstable administration of Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, another Cabinet secretary has jumped ship just weeks after Economic Development Department (NMEDD) Secretary Alicia J. Keyes left the administration.

The governor’s office announced the abrupt departure of New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department Secretary Katrina Hotrum-Lopez Monday, saying she had retired Monday, the same day as the announcement.

Hotrum-Lopez was one of the longest-serving officials in the administration, being at the Department since August 2019.

The former Cabinet secretary said, “It has been the great privilege of my life to work with the incredible team at Aging and Long-Term Services, as well as all the incredible state workers throughout New Mexico.”

“During my tenure, our department navigated an unprecedented global pandemic, historic wildfires, and all the everyday challenges of providing services throughout New Mexico,” she added.

Lujan Grisham’s health policy advisor Gina DeBlassie will step into the role and serve as acting secretary.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported, “Hotrum-Lopez’s retirement is the latest in a long series of departures of Cabinet secretaries under Lujan Grisham’s administration. Department of Finance and Administration Secretary Deborah Romero left at the end of 2022, followed in January by secretaries in the Public Education, Human Services and General Services departments. In June, the secretary for the Department of Information Technology was reassigned.”


8 thoughts on “Another Lujan Grisham Cabinet secretary jumps ship”

  1. Grisham is the absolute worst governor this state has ever had–completely corrupt, currying favor with the Biden Crime Family, and cozying up to special interests in order to advance as a career politician.

  2. When will the rest of her cronies wake up to the evil ways of this government. More people are moving out of this State because of her corruption. MLG has exchanged innocent blood as the new revenue and eliminated our natural resource OIL. God help us.

  3. What I really want to know is… Is everyone onboard with the “Late Term Abortion for Tourism Tax Dollars for New Mexico Train yet?”

    The most vile concept ever penned in human history… and this Governor conned it, published it and put that out as a media attraction.

    You, and the entire State Senate and House are ignoring the most vile and evil platform for advancing tourism tax dollar generation ever presented to the public.

    MLG owns this phrase, and everyone continues to ignore that she stated it.

    Enhancing future generations and future projects of State Government by attraction of “TOURSIM TAX DOLLARS by enhancing “LATE TERM ABORTIONS”…

    I’ll be specific John Block, because that is part of this sick demented platform the new DNC political Party of NM has totally embraced… It is nothing less than the forced lawful execution of a late term child up to and including the moment of birth… for ANY REASON…for generating…tax revenues… for the Taxation and Revenue Department.
    Does New Mexico Government need more tourism dollars generated from Aborting (aka murder) a late term- moment of birth child? A 9 month infant, in the process of being born, is executed on the birthing table because MLG successfully passed laws forcing medical staff to participate even if it is against their moral and ethnical convictions?

    Not other aspects of abortion John… I’m talking about one specific area of infacide… late term. Combine that with “Abortion for Tourism Dollars for any reason” and what do you get?

    If you won’t take a poke at them, I will…

    “You get a very, very sick, demented, absolutely insane platform of the current Democratic Political Party of New Mexico…from its leadership to the Courts”.

    I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

  4. This is the most telling of her “tenure” as governor, “one of the longest-serving officials in the administration, being at the Department since August 2019.”
    Four years is a long time employee?? On what planet? I know NM is a very crooked state, but Gov FUBAR seems to be outdoing all of the other governors in that department. I’ve seen lots of crazy stuff in my 25 years here, but she really is pretty amazingly awful!

  5. It’s amazing how nm is always one of the two poorest states in the US. we bring industries that promise to improve our jobs and increase our revenue. But, it never happens. Our leaders, get richer, our government is always one of the most corrupt, and our voters keep voting in the same type, rips the people off of what taxes they pay. It’s a never ending cycle!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  6. If the size of NM government could be shrunk, we wouldn’t need all these cabinet secretaries. Is there a point to any of them? They are never held accountable for anything. Oh yeah, I forgot. New Mexico is a pay to play state.

  7. The BULLY strikes again! I surprised she lasted this long! The one that needs to go is the Creepy Crotch Grabber!

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