Biden to visit NM for first time since 2022 campaign stop for Lujan Grisham

Joe Biden will travel to New Mexico next week as part of a three-state excursion to Arizona, Utah, and the Land of Enchantment between Monday and Wednesday.

Biden previously visited New Mexico in 2022 to stump for far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in her narrow yet successful reelection bid.

Lujan Grisham was one of the first public officials to formally endorse Biden’s announcement that he will seek another term in the White House.

“In next week’s visit, a White House official said, Biden is expected to tout provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act addressing climate change and promoting clean energy and manufacturing,” reported the Albuquerque Journal.

The Associated Press wrote, “Vice President Kamala Harris heads to Wisconsin this week with Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to talk about broadband infrastructure investments. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack goes to Oregon to highlight wildfire defense grants, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will go to Illinois and Texas, and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona heads to Maryland to talk about career and technical education programs.”


27 thoughts on “Biden to visit NM for first time since 2022 campaign stop for Lujan Grisham”

    1. Great question! I’m pretty sure he won’t go anywhere near the border because he says the borders are closed. He’ll see they aren’t closed. New lies coming! The governor will have her lips kissing his ass

  1. Stephanie McKenzie

    I pray for New Mexico every day. I don’t like to see two of the most evil people in the world together hatching more ideas to ruin New Mexico and not addressing the problems already in NM such as the open border, rampant crime, and the drugs brought across the border. They can no longer do things to harm New Mexico. God has already pronounced judgment on them both and I may feel sorry for what their end is but they have caused so much harm to babies, children, and women without repentance hell is their end.

    1. Apparently he’s the second Catholic President. Read about it. If this clown thinks he is Catholic he has no clue of what the religion is about. How many times does he go to Church, Confession, take the Eucharist, or read the Bible. He may be Catholic/Christian in his book but not in Gods eyes. Same with mlg by her strong beliefs of killing the unborn at all stages to me that is murderer. I believe we all get judged. I’m not the perfect Catholic and I don’t know if I will go to Heaven or Purgatory. It would be crazy to see these two share the same paradise as all the faithful. One thing is God is very merciful to those who repent and truly repent.

      1. Hahahaha most of you are dumb and it shows. I love uneducated dumb dumbs….almost always religious zealots and vote red soooooo it’s just easy to pick y’all out.

  2. He’s just here to use the current heatwave as an example of climate change which is nonsense. It was hotter during the 1930s during the dust bowl era. He’ll probably proclaim he lived during that era.

  3. What horrible thing did we do to deserve a visit from FJB?? Isn’t it bad enough to have Gov FUBAR here already?

  4. I try very hard Not to say bad things, But in the case of Bozo and the little witch I say F them and maybe our heat will send him to hell!

  5. Biden is seeking asylum after the testimony in Congress today. He forgets that New Mexico is part of the Union. I don’t think Mexico would welcome him anyway.

  6. They are American hating communists and would put every conservative in a gulag if they could, and they plan to.

  7. MORON number one {Biden} is coming to New Mexico to meet MORON number 2 Grisham. both are wasting taxpayer money as usual.

  8. Two of the most disliked despicable people in America in one place at one time , what a treat for NM. They’re obviously going to pitch fake “ climate change “ or some other plank of the communist manifesto or FJB might be coming for advise on State wrecking and placing America last in everything good. We’re almost there already ,another Brandon term and we’ll be envying Haiti .

  9. He’s 80 now probably be like 81-82 years old for next presidential election. He would be almost 86. His health is obviously degrading and sometimes can’t even get a sentence out. I hope he doesn’t trip or maybe I do to knock some sense into him.

  10. Sleep with one eye open and your pistol loaded. Just what NM needs – Groper Joe and Moochie Loserjan together –Those 2 crooks will steal you blind if given the chance!

  11. The sad truth is that Democrats in this state (and many others) will vote for the devil (or Biden) over ANY conservative.

  12. Dan L
    Some New Mexicans have above average intelligence, some have average intelligence and some have below average intelligence. As I read through these comments I can’t help but notice a lack of reasoning, and that void being replaced by hatred. The above comments seem to be driven by fear and strongly imply the Republican ‘Base’ is not too sharp. I welcome our President to our BLUE State.

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