Another Cabinet secretary ditches Lujan Grisham administration

Secretary Sarah Cottrell Propst, a prominent figure in Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s original cabinet lineup, is stepping down from her role as the head of the state Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department. The Governor’s Office announced this move on Thursday, stating that Cottrell Propst will be pursuing an opportunity “outside of state government.” She will continue in her current position until the end of the year.

Having been part of the governor’s initial cabinet appointments, Cottrell Propst stands out as one of the few who has retained her position since Governor Lujan Grisham’s first term. 

In a released statement, the governor praised Cottrell Propst, acknowledging her as an exceptional leader who played a pivotal role in advancing New Mexico’s so-called “clean energy” initiatives.

During her tenure, Cottrell Propst supported initiatives, including the creation of the Energy Transition Act and the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund, both of which received the governor’s backing. Before assuming the role of Cabinet secretary, she served as the deputy secretary of the New Mexico Energy Department from 2006 to 2010. Additionally, she held the position of executive director of the Interwest Energy Alliance, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting renewable energy.

When Cottrell Propst’s appointment was announced in late 2018, Governor Lujan Grisham outlined priorities that included regulating the state’s oil and gas activities while simultaneously carrying out Green New Deal policies. 

Lujan Grisham’s administration has been marred by the constant revolving door of officials, including Cabinet secretaries ditching the administration at the highest rates possible. 

Cottrell’s exit follows that of Regulation and Licensing Department Superintendent Linda Trujillo, Economic Development Department Secretary Alicia J. Keyes, Aging and Long-Term Services Secretary Katrina Hotrum-Lopez, among countless others throughout the governor’s five-year tenure. 


19 thoughts on “Another Cabinet secretary ditches Lujan Grisham administration”

  1. She looks kind of deranged in that photo…oh wait! She *is* deranged! As the saying goes, “we can’t vote ourselves out of this one.” It looks like we’re going to have to spend a lot of time in prayer.

    1. I agree… keep praying for our state. And hopefully people will realize that she is the worst and so are her comrades (counter parts) and start voting them out of office.

      1. Can’t vote out what is put in through Fraud and Election Tampering especially when they use machines made from a Foreign Country like Dominion made in Canada. These evil wicked people have to be remove through prayer.

  2. This comment is for the people who keep voting Democrat.
    New Mexico is always in the running for last in the nation for everything.
    The roundhouse has always been controlled by the Democrats. They make the policy, they raise your taxes, they scare you into believing the Republicans will take away your Social Security, your Medicare and Medicaid, yet you Democrats keep voting these people in.
    Why not make a change this time when you vote.
    New mexico is a beautiful, and wonderful state.
    Try a change, what do you have to lose. Or do you want to see your children and grandchildren continue to leave their families and cultures behind to live and work in other states where they have more opportunity, better education, and better quality of life.
    We control the outcome next year.

    1. Are you Effing insane ?If you don’t like living in a blue State you can always move to Texas with the Loco Abbott people.

  3. Is Sarah Cottrell Propst’s husband, Wayne Propst, going to be following suit?

    Mr. Propst has done the bidding of this governor while he was at the PRC. In his current role as Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration, curious minds would want to know if Sarah’s departure has anything to do with serious procurement improprieties at EMNRD?

    Between the two of them they have lived well as minions for this governor and the Democratic Party.

  4. Hey you keep voting Democrat and this is what you get come on now Democrats the country has got worse the last 3 years in alot of ways in some states you see the governor on tv at least once a week telling them we’re making changes for the better not here start voting Republican let’s make this state proud this governor you Democrats voted for has done little to make our lives better wake up New Mexico it’s time for a change for the better

    1. Oh please I wouldn’t vote Republican bc the candidates are Election deniers, book banners, anti freedom of speech, against women’s rights, support a criminal ex president! Other Republicans agree with me.

      1. I disagree. The Democrats are the free speech deniers. You can only speak if you agree with them and their crazy ideas…if you don’t agree with them you must keep your mouth shut or get cancelled. New Mexicans need to wake up. Electing Dems has done nothing but make this state last in everything important. Voting the same way over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

  5. Trump was going to get us into ww3 yet here we are.
    Huh Joann. My body my choice until the governor tells you to wear a mask huh. Probably first to line up for your experimental shot like a good little Democrat useful idiot voter you…

  6. I wish I could say there is hope for New Mexico but that would be a huge ask! NM is again last in education, economic growth and desirable business opportunities. Again we are leaders in poverty, number of people on public assistance and of course crime. NM has been under democratic control for decades and it’s a shame we’re surrounded by states doing far better than our “welfare state”…..the land of encampment! People who believe mlg is doing a good are delusional ….

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