Will Keller bill Biden for $80K security tab as he did by invoicing Trump $211K?

Joe Biden’s August Albuquerque visit comes with a hefty price tag, as the City of Albuquerque reportedly spent a total of $80,231.98 on various expenses associated with the presidential visit, according to a report from Errors of Enchantment by the Rio Grande Foundation.

Expenses could include costs related to security measures, logistical arrangements, and other essential preparations to ensure a smooth and secure visit for Biden.

According to the report, it is unclear if Biden was invoiced for the security expenses. 

Back when President Donald Trump visited Albuquerque for one day, Democrat Mayor Tim Keller charged the president $211,175.94 for “ security costs stemming from Trump’s overnight stay in Albuquerque before the rally in Rio Rancho on Sept. 16, 2019,” according to the Associated Press.

It is unclear why Biden’s security costs were significantly lower than that of Trump’s and why the City has not made a big fuss over forcing Biden to cover the expenses.

“I don’t really expect us to get paid,” Keller told the Daily Show at the time. “But it’s important that we do, and you know, we would do it for anyone else, so he’s no different.”

“We actually treated it like any other debt, and so it goes through a somewhat process where you send a bunch of letters out,” Keller said. “We got no response from those letters. And then automatically, it does go to an agency that helps try and collect debts.”

“Within the overall City budget of $1.3 billion both amounts are trivial and we WANT presidential candidates and presidents of BOTH parties to visit our City and State,” wrote the Rio Grande Foundation’s Paul Gessing.


9 thoughts on “Will Keller bill Biden for $80K security tab as he did by invoicing Trump $211K?”

  1. I asked Keller where he got the authority to violate the bill of rights & our constitution? From that point on none of my emails can be sent to him! But he’s not alone as many politicians in New Mexico behave this way. Both parties in my experience.

    1. That’s because you’re accusing him of a heinous crime that you have no proof of. You guys are always bringing in the Constitution when it suits you but when your boys in Washington try to overthrow the government or your boys in Alabama refuse a Supreme court order to change the districting of your state the Constitution suddenly doesn’t exist.

      1. If you would, since you’re letting your panties show… explain to us how the “Russian Collusion”…thing is going for “you guys” and “your boys”(how sexist, but you knew that because you’re a hypocrite). Did anything ever come of that accusation of a “heinous crime? Or not?

  2. The face is NO government has any money to spend except for what it collects from taxpayers. City, state, feds it makes no difference.
    Regardless of who ends up with the bill, taxpayers will be paying it.

  3. Fair is fair, it basically looks like they favor Biden over Trump. There should be an investigation on the difference in price and the non pay issue on Biden. I cannot wait until New Mexicans realize how bad our NM government is. Our kids get the worst education in the nation, NM is 3rd worst in properly handling out tax dollar, our schools push for sex changes and puberty blockers for our kids without parental consent. Would guess we are one of the top in the nation to kill babies (without parental consent) we are are now one of the top states for groomers to move to, would guess because are schools are teaching our kids it is ok to have sex with grown adults. Wake up New Mexico, we need the marxist democrats to not be in charge of our state. And yes it is all falls under one umbrella, starting with people like Keller.

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