All the NM candidates running for Congress in 2024

U.S. House — CD 2: Gabe Vasquez (Democrat)

Vasquez, who votes in lockstep with the fringes of the Democrat Party most of the time, is trying to paint himself as an “independent leader” despite refusing to help close the border (CD2 is a border district), supporting abortion up-to-birth and a record of far-left extremism, including attacks on law enforcement and ICE officials.


8 thoughts on “All the NM candidates running for Congress in 2024”

  1. The Republican Party has great candidates who offer policies consistent with our New Mexico values of faith, family and freedom, unlike the far left socialist policies of the Dems currently in office. Wake up New Mexicans, time to drain the swamp!

  2. Sharon in the 3rd District needs to get out there and introduce herself. We can’t have another 2 years of that LegerFernandez. I invite Sharon to visit all the counties in her district. The last person that ran did not bother with the Northern counties like San Miguel and Mora. Remember even democrats vote for a Republican.

  3. Gail Goodman, EdD

    Why are you saying Stansbury is anti-Israel? She may be a way-left liberal but she is not anti-Israel.

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