NM AG Torrez joins SOS Toulouse Oliver in meddling with grocery store merger

New Mexico’s far-left Democrat Attorney General Raúl Torrez is joining the state’s far-left Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver in trying to mess up the proposed $24.6 billion merger between Kroger and Albertsons, joining a multi-state lawsuit spearheaded by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

The legal challenge aims to halt the merger on claims that it would stifle competition, potentially leading to higher consumer prices, diminished quality, and adverse effects on employees. The FTC, expressing concerns over the implications for both consumers and workers, filed both a lawsuit and an administrative complaint to contest the merger.

Kroger, known for its diverse portfolio of nearly 1,300 stores across various brands in the U.S., including Smith’s and Price-Rite in New Mexico, seeks to acquire Albertsons, which also operates under multiple regional brands such as Albertsons Markets and Safeway within the state. 

Attorney General Torrez said, “My office proudly announces its collaborative stance alongside multiple states and the Federal Trade Commission in a collective effort to challenge and prevent this anti-competitive merger that threatens fair market dynamics.” 

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The lawsuit has garnered support from a coalition of attorneys general from Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming, all opposing the merger on the FTC’s platform.

Last August, Toulouse Oliver added her signature to a letter co-signed by six other secretaries of state, rejecting the $24.6 billion merger — a direct attack on the free market.

The letter highlights potential repercussions: “If the merger goes through, the lack of competition gives Kroger-Albertsons substantial power to dictate prices that harm growers and shippers who will be forced to cut wages for their own workers.”

However, Kroger’s perspective on the matter contradicts the officials’ bloviated concerns. A spokesperson for Kroger conveyed that the opposite is likely to occur if the merger progresses. They contend that prices would decrease, consumer choice would expand, and wages would increase as a result of the merger. The spokesperson also criticized the opposition, suggesting that the real beneficiaries of preventing the merger’s completion would be large, non-unionized competitors like Walmart and Amazon. Kroger assured that the merger would not lead to layoffs or closures of stores, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities.


13 thoughts on “NM AG Torrez joins SOS Toulouse Oliver in meddling with grocery store merger”

  1. The more government interferes with business the worse for the consumer. They have no idea how to run a business. How are Kroger and Albertsons supposed to compete with WalMart? It will keep more competition. I have lived in NM almost 50 years and I am wondering why I stay here.

  2. Agree with Paul.

    Too-Loose and Torrez fostering a collaboration with California, Illinois, Maryland, (…) doesn’t pass the smell test. I

  3. That’s rich. Too-loose and Torrez are worried about saving Walmart from Kroger? Walmart is the master when it comes to dictating supplier prices and controlling the supply chain. Sounds like a projection of what is already taking place.

    Since NM’s dynamic duo are collaborating with states such as California, Illinois, Maryland, (…) and a renegade administration, this effort doesn’t pass the smell test.

    What is the real outcome desired.

  4. That’s rich. We are to believe that Kroger needs watching instead of Walmart. Walmart is the master of dictating supplier prices, controlling the supply chain, and bumping off small business. Sounds like projection to me.

    Too-loose and Torrez are in league with states like California, Illinois, Maryland, (…) and a renegade administration. What’s the real story?

  5. When I read that Torrez and Too-loose were on board – I immediately thought “Hmmm…thats got to be a good thing then.” Get government out of our business!!!!!

  6. If those two losers are against the merger then said merger could possibly benefit New Mexicans. I know that people are mostly motivated by self-interest but New Mexico democRats are far more leftist and hostile than just doing what’s in it for themselves. They like to go a step further and make sure the state is so freaking blue that you figuratively are not allowed to own any red clothing.

  7. Keep down free market? A couple of things we need to survive… WATER #1 – EPA wants to eventually control every single drop, then of course FOOD, most of us do not grow our own – I’m surprised there hasn’t been a takeover… oh, in process… like ranchers of cattle (the cows fart too much and are destroying our air – time to eat bugs). China owns so much of our food producers (for example Smithfield – purchased by them years ago) farmland to grow product to send to China, plus should I even mention the skyrocketing dept to them. BUT… WE MUST REMEMBER TO SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN… we are the deplorable ignorant people. I wonder what would happen if the elites had to wait on and take care of themselves?

  8. I can’t understand why Wyoming is in this fiasco…
    New Mexico -Communist dictator rule,
    DC- Communist dictator rule,
    Nevada- Communist dictator rule,
    Maryland- Communist dictator rule,
    California- Commu…er…unicorn rainbow rule,
    Arizona-Communist dictator rule,
    Illinois-Communist dictator rule,
    Oregon-Comm….er..well… unicorn rainbow rule…

    Ignorance greed and corruption have found their way into RINO Liz Cheney’s Wyoming then… sad day. They must be paying a hell of a play to pay bribe there…

  9. Staples, think center aisles, are cheaper at Walmart than at Smith’s (Kroger). Have not been to an Albertson’s in years as I thought they were even more expensive.

    Grocery store chains do run sales on meats whereas Walmart and Costco seem stuck on more expensive fixed pricing. Would a merger lead to more expensive meat pricing? Perhaps. But I tend to believe that it would not as weekly sales promotions are what drives consumers into their grocery stores vs the big boxes.

  10. Do yourself a favor and get out of ghetto Mexico. I did after 50+ years. Its hard to leave friends and family, along with the beauty that NM provides but its not difficult to leave behind all the libturd democRAT IDIOTS burning the State to the ground.

  11. I just don’t get you sheeple. Less competition means less incentive to compete ( lower prices). You complain about your groceries costing more, but because the AG and SOS are for something you’re against it.

  12. Hey Torrez get out from under Benny-boy Loserjans desk!! Seems the only thing you do is buddy up to the corrupt dembocrap regimes! Step down and quit trying to play the hero whilst screwing New Mexico businesses!

  13. Todd R Hathorne

    What is the Secretary of State doing expressing an opinion here in her official capacity? This seems to be outside her list of duties as assigned. Torrez? Yes. It is his job. Ms. Toulouse-Oliver should stay in her own lane. Record the documents from the corporation. That’s the line, in my humble opinion.

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