6 thoughts on “All of the beer brands to boycott amid Dyland Mulvaney’s Bud Light partnership”

  1. Go woke go broke, but what are we going to do with our elected officials that are woke? They are destroying our state. If you are a democrat please look to see if your views align with the Marxist democrats in power or if you identify with smaller government more personnel rights and freedoms, your children keeping there sex organs, not killing babies the day before they are born!!!???

  2. Stella Artois also. All owned by InBev in Belgium, at the heart of the E.U. government…

    On his “Day 1 of being a girl” video debut, Mulvaney said:
    “I’ve already cried three times, written a scathing email I didn’t send, ordered dresses online that I couldn’t afford and when someone asked me how I was, I said “I’m fine” but I wasn’t fine. How did I do, ladies?”

    Along with his grotesque parodies of womanhood, he promotes products with zero shame, grifting whilst gaslighting women. Shortly before he began this career-saving venture of “being a girl”, Mulvaney can be found mocking a female cheerleader in a sketch where he pretends to break his leg. He has honed and perfected these earlier attempts to portray women as weak and stupid…

    1. Mulvaney appears to be a psychotic misogynist. His act is a charade- it’s his way of insulting females. Ironically, the advertising executive at Budlight who hired him is a woman – Alissa Heinerscheid.

  3. Budweiser thought they could piss in the face of their supporters and everything would be OK. Bottom line says otherwise. Traditional Bud drinkers are not Transgenders.

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