Joined by Speaker McCarthy, Yvette Herrell announces 2024 run

On Monday, former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who served New Mexico’s Second Congressional District from 2021 to 2023, announced her candidacy for another term in the U.S. House flanked by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California). 

Herrell’s announcement took place at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces, where hundreds of supporters packed into the well-attended event.

During the visit, Speaker McCarthy said, “Gabe is pretty much a socialist,” saying he’s “not in the bounds” of the district, referencing the incumbent Democrat Rep. Gabe Vasquez. Vasquez took the seat from Herrell in 2022 by a little over 1,000 votes.

“We’re going to make tomorrow better than today. If we elect Yvette, I don’t think Joe Biden’s gonna get re-elected too,” he said, concluding, “We have a reason to stand up right now.”

Herrell said, “Let’s make America great, and let’s make New Mexico great for the first time,” adding, “I will never give up.”

“Democrats are counting on us – on YOU – to falter. They want to divide us. They want us to stay home and give up. It’s the only way they can ram through their unpopular, America LAST agenda,” McCarthy wrote in an email promoting Herrell’s candidacy.

Vasquez has recently taken bad votes that go against the values of the Second Congressional District, including voting against a bill that most House members and even Joe Biden signed to block the District of Columbia’s updated criminal code from becoming law, a code that would favor criminals. He also voted against lower energy costs for New Mexicans. 

In a desperate-sounding email following Herrell’s announcement, Vasquez’s campaign wrote, “This is a top-target of the NRCC as well as a DCCC Frontline seat. Gabe needs all the grassroots support he can get to go up against extremist Herrell and her far-right backers like McCarthy and Trump,” although the 45th President has yet to endorse the former congresswoman in her 2024 run. 


11 thoughts on “Joined by Speaker McCarthy, Yvette Herrell announces 2024 run”

  1. Yvette has my vote, again. It is imperative that all registered Republicans and conservative Democrats get out on election day and give her a resounding victory over socialist Gabe Vasquez.

    1. Get in the city and be involved. Show up yo city council meetings and county commissioner meetings each one day a month

      If Gabe can be a city council member that means the higher IQ voters who read this should be putting their names in at clerks office and run for an office. Without political training? They will give you a course and help but it’s you making the EFFORT. To be in!
      Considering being on school board as a bilingual retired educator AND musician
      I am no one.
      But dipping my toe into that realm means I carry my crucifix garlic and st Michael with me as it is obvious it’s good vs evil.A Republic or Communism.
      I met people yesterday who fled Venezuela now living in Deming. They are the smart ones who left communism
      Our church will offer English class and how to become a US citizen and learn the Constitution class. It cannot all be done by one.
      Out of many One= 1 United people. Do your part. Tapping away and retweeting creates awareness but showing up is half of life. Be of service be a partner and help be the change you want to see. Small steps with agape. Simply a human being is not enough.
      Turn yourself into a Human Doing.

  2. This is a no- brainer: Pro law enforcement, pro oil and gas, pro border security, pro 2nd Amendment Yvette Herrell against Gabe Vasquez, who is against all things she and we are for.

  3. All you republicans need to get off your high horse and wake up to reality. People with your way of thinking are sending OUR country to hell in a basket. That’s all l have to say about that.

    1. Have you not been paying attention these last 3 years??? The Republicans, not rinos are the only thing that is stopping America from slipping into the dark, godless, obyss of communism. You are so deep in the matrix you cannot even see the reality of this inverted world. WAKE UP!!!

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