NM’s ‘woke’ social studies standards get national spotlight

New Mexico’s failed education system has been a headline for years, with recent rankings showing the state dead last compared to all other states. However, fewer national headlines spotlighted New Mexico’s ultra-woke social studies standards being rammed down public school students’ throats — until now.

The Washington Examiner recently ran an op-ed by The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Gonzalez detailing the New Mexico Public Education Department’s (NMPED) Marxist standards, which the Piñon Post has covered for years. 

Gonzalez writes, “Things couldn’t be that bad, you say? A typical sentence in the standards instructs teachers to have high schoolers ‘assess how social policies and economic forces offer privilege or systemic inequity in accessing social, political, and economic opportunity for identity groups in education, government, healthcare, industry, and law enforcement.’” 

He continues: 

Indeed, the standards, approved last year, mention “diversity” 65 times, “identity” 156 times (in just 104 pages!), and “equity” a comparably paltry 29 times. “Systemic,” meanwhile, appears 10 times — nine as in “systemic inequity” and once in the standard version, “systemic oppression.” “Power,” a key term to an ideology that sees all of life in terms of power dynamics, appears 43 times.

Taken together, the standards aim to use social studies to indoctrinate children and turn them into citizens filled with grievances, who identify not with America but with their given ethno-racial or sexual-gender category and who see the world only in terms of these categories jockeying for power with one another.

The classroom thus becomes the fulcrum of revolution, shaping a generation that hates the West and America. Whether it ends with revolution or not, it is almost guaranteed to end with unhappy citizens, for by generating people who hate their country and community, teachers will create people who hate themselves.

Gonzales wrote to the NMPED to reconsider the standards, telling them that these updates “will in no way help New Mexico students participate in their civic duties of our society if they are taught to abhor that society.” 

Instead of turning schools into “laboratories of revolt,” Gonzales would rather have students learn historical facts without the far-left anti-American spin. The coverage of New Mexico’s failed education system and woke social studies standards is a rare sighting amid mostly silence from the mainstream media.


24 thoughts on “NM’s ‘woke’ social studies standards get national spotlight”

  1. Now, the Left will have us believe that New Mexico is dead last in education because of the “racism” learned in New Mexico schools.

    1. The state Constitution has required the teaching of students in Spanish if that is their primary language since statehood.

      1. Heather, that’s a falsehood. The NM Constitution says that teachers should know some Spanish so that they can transition students to speaking and reading English. The Compact section of the Constitution requires that all instruction be given in English.

    1. Good! I hope so!! Any parents who care about their kids’ education should have been home schooling their kids long ago to get them out of the Marxist indoctrination centers (public schools). It’s never too late to switch to home schooling.

  2. Once again people from out of state trying to impose their own wills against the people of this state. I think it’s jealousies because people from our state generally get along with one another. The only real hate is being brought here by jerk’s who should mind the hate retorics where their from!!

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      Well, your incredibly naive comment (loaded with misspellings) is certainly an accurate example of why this state occupies the bottom of the list in education. As for ‘jealousies,’ people are fleeing NM due to top of the list crime and poverty provided by “leadership” of liberal/leftist democrats and a ‘governor’ who is clearly a communist whose most magnificent ‘accomplishment’ is leading the nation in access to infanticide. As for your statement that “…people from our state generally get along,” that will certainly change with the implementation of CRT in the govt. indoctrination centers (aka ‘schools’) this fall. Congratulations!

      1. Thank you Nancy. Your comment was clearly stated. It was shocking for me to be victimized by corrupt Sheriff, Cops, AG. Judges and attorneys. The whole system, up to the New Mexico Supreme Court is extremely corrupt and needs military intervention. Unfortunately, Justice cannot be found in New Mexico. The government who have no Constitutional bonds, sit unlawfully protecting each other’s backs while racketeering together against We the People. If you have the IQ and inclination call the JAG and report the corruption that you have experienced here in NM with the courts, cops, Sheriff (Isn’t it interesting how Adan Mendoza First Term: 2019 – 2022 35 Camino Justicia Santa Fe, NM 87508 is great friends with Jeffery Epstein. What happened to the facts that judges ignored the death of children in a remote area… ( do research it was published in the News paper and then hushed) Where is the law? Where is justice for these criminals? Look at how Francis Mathew conflict of interest steals home. Is your home going to be next. Look how Mr. Mathew dba judge abused his power to remove Couy from representing We the People and acting against the corrupt elections. When is NM going to awaken? Do they even have the IQ to comprehend and be proactive? This state is being destroyed by the corrupt communist government who is stealing from We the people.

        1. This is not a repeat. I must question the integrity of this sight. John appears to sensor, The JAG Telephone number is 505 846- 4217. Can you do your part?

    2. So, New Mexico being last in education isn’t worth knowing? Last being 51, including the District of Columbia. When you have a people who gate their country and themselves what happens? Oh, maybe what’s been happening every week in this nation?

    3. The one ordering this Marxist Ideology is the governor herself. She has even brought it into her administration! She is a pimp for the far left.

  3. I’m happy my kids are out of the education system and I don’t have to worry about them getting indoctrinated. I still have to put up with the consequences of the non-educated people the system is cranking out. It will take a long time to uneducate them to real life.

  4. This is another great example of why we homeschool. And all of those who say “we can’t do that” you encourage what you tolerate.

  5. CRT is communist doctrine being implemented in schools for the express purpose of divide and conquer. What I believe Dean is trying to say is that prior to NM falling to communism ,ethnic groups got along reasonably well here. That has to change for the neo-Bolshevik’s to exert their power over the people of all ethnicities as was done in the Soviet Union. The political “leadership “ here are all products of the Frankfurt school or emerge academies that are simply fronts for communist indoctrination. Unfortunately NM is in the forefront nationally implementing every vile aspect of this demonic system poisoning our youth.

  6. It is not that easy for parents who have to work full time (to put food on the table and pay rent) and pay taxes to homeschool their children even though they would love to. That is why my retirement is dwindling down to scary so I can help with private school. If I could afford it I would get out of this God forsaken state. God help our state and country .

  7. I’m a 5th grade teacher who will not implement the CRT standards. I do not believe that the smaller districts across the state will mandate that these standards be taught. There are more teachers like myself who would never teach these standards. Please do not put all teachers in one category. Educators need to stand up, but so do parents. Parents should be attending school board meetings and demanding that the CRT standards be ousted. I hope that the parents who are upset about the CRT Social Studies standards keep their children away from social media and platforms like Tik Tok!

    Life is such a blessing, we all need to treat it as such.

  8. Governor, NM Congressmen & Legislators: Carlsbad, NM come and visit our middle schools and high schools. Profanity and vulgar drawings in our class books and desks. Damage to our bathrooms. Innocent children seeing these obscenities. Where are the principals and school administration not visiting our schools and talking to teachers and students. Our hard earned tax dollars paying their salaries for what!! Parents pay a visit to your child’s school. ALL is NOT WELL!!!

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