After stripping NM law enforcers of qualified immunity, MLG panders to police

Many New Mexico streets are looking more like warzones recently, with the highest violent crime levels ever recorded in Albuquerque and other grim milestones hit across the state. But as of late. The increases in crime follow a national trend after left-wing politicians acted to defund the police and weaken crime laws.

Now, Democrats are reversing their extremist policies amid backlash, including scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. She signed a slew of weak-on-crime bills in the recent 2021 Legislative Session, including weaker bail measures and the stripping of qualified immunity protections for law enforcement.

But Lujan Grisham claimed at a presser on Thursday to want to focus on crime during the 2022 Legislative Session, proposing the following: 

  • Imposing a “rebuttable presumption,” which seeks to ensure that those accused of murder, gun crimes, rape or other sex crimes do not pose a danger to the community before being released pending trial, keeping more violent offenders off New Mexico streets.
  • Increasing penalties for second degree murder from 15 years to 18 years and removing the statute of limitations.
  • Increasing penalties for gun crimes, including increasing the penalty for unlawful possession of a handgun from misdemeanor to fourth degree felony; creating a crime of “criminal threat” as a fourth degree felony; adding penalty of third degree felony for fleeing law enforcement that results in injury and second degree felony for fleeing that results in great bodily harm; enhancing penalties for brandishing a firearm in the commission of a drug transaction.

The Governor’s executive budget includes a “recommendation for nearly 20% raises for state police officers and the creation of a $100 million fund to be used to recruit, train and hire law enforcement at departments around the state,” according to her news release.

But this comes after Lujan Grisham not only put a target on law enforcers’ backs by removing their qualified immunity, but in 2020, she stood arm and arm with Black Lives Matter radicals who burned down American cities, killed police officers, and support completely or partially “defunding the police.” 

But it’s 2022 and Lujan Grisham is up for reelection. One of her greatest weaknesses is crime, according to polling, and her Republican opponent is sure to focus on this issue during the election. Therefore, the Governor is using her rubber-stamp Democrat-dominated legislature as a campaign arm of sorts to boost her image on crime. It’s doubtful police officers will buy her bread crumbs, especially since a 7% raise, which is still not even guaranteed, is only a 13% increase with inflation factored in.

8 thoughts on “After stripping NM law enforcers of qualified immunity, MLG panders to police”

  1. More to show those who have not caught on that she is a weak leader. Making condescending remarks at every speech. Her policies blow every way the wind blows, she stands for nothing.

  2. It starts with every law enforcement agency in the state of New Mexico endorsing whoever will be running against “ scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.”, otherwise they and the citizens of this state will be in for more of the same-old crap from this grifter and the criminals she cares more about.

  3. Unfortunately, too many police officers in this state are democrats. They will stand behind her and nod their heads convincingly for the sheep.

  4. I support law enforcement but a 19% pay increase for the State Police who she used for her COVID enforcement doesn’t make them much better than the SS.

  5. MLG hates NM & it's officers

    Anyone that believes MLGs lies, is just as stupid as she is. What’s her problem, she scared of the crime and yhe policies she created? Defund MLG, save our officers from her evil policies.

  6. When she ordered the State Police to Albuquerque to assist APD according to a SP CPT. It depleted over 200.000 dollars in the SP budget for overtime. According to the CPT they were ordered to arrest misdemeanor possession of marijuana to over flow the courts to get her legalization of marijuana bill past. No matter how she is trying to make herself look good by supporting the NMSP she still controls the NMSP because she appointments the Chief of the NMSP. MLG supported BLM who burned down communities and backed Law makers who stripped Law Enforcement of their Qualified Immunity. I do agree we need to pass stiffer laws much stiffer then she is asking for and have sentencing guidelines for our District Court Judges which should include holding violent felons in jail till there court date and not being released back into our communities to commit other crimes. Last week in Hobbs NM we had low life individual (not a mom) place her new born child in a dumpster like a piece of trash and and the Judge places her under house arrest what the hell is he thinking. Judge’s need to be held to a standard. A perfect example for the need of sentencing guild lines and bonds issues involving violent offenders let protect the community and the victims not the offenders. And don’t get me started on the DA’s office and the 19% pay raise for the NMSP.

  7. A 20% payoff for her personal bodyguard – SS LIEBSTANDART MLG
    along with creating a $100 million dollar fund to recruit, train and hire new local officers? After killing the oil and gas industries here in New Mexico where’s the money coming from? Some money trees imported from Scotland? Or is there a herd of money pooping unicorns stabled behind Her Thighness, queen mlg’s Imperial Palace?
    Get out the vote to get this lying grifter out of office.

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