New poll shows Gov. Lujan Grisham is ‘underwater’ with voters

A poll recently conducted between July 6 – 8, 2021 by Cygnal, the national survey research and polling firm, shows scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is “underwater” with voters in New Mexico.

The survey of 600 likely general election voters with a margin of error of ±4.00% shows that Lujan Grisham is more unfavorable than favorable in the state and that voters would most likely choose a Republican over her for reelection.

Regarding favorability, Lujan Grisham has a 46.9% rating, while 50.9% of voters think of her unfavorably. Regarding job approval, Lujan Grisham has only 46.5% approval while 48.5 disapprove. The real blow to Lujan Grisham is when voters were asked if Lujan Grisham “deserves reelection.” Only 43.7% said she deserves to be reelected while 52.4% resoundingly said she does not. 

Voters were asked, “If the 2022 election for Governor was held today between Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham and a Republican candidate, who would you vote for?” A majority (47.4) said they would take a Republican over the incumbent Democrat governor, with only 45.3% saying they would vote for her.

“Governor Grisham’s net favorability is floundering at -4, and she sits at -14 with Independents/NPAs.Men do not have a favorable opinion of the governor, and women are split,” Cygnal notes.

The memo from the Cygnal survey notes, “The statewide Cygnal survey, which was conducted July 6 – 8, 2021, shows voters are split on Grisham’s job approval, but that her net favorability is underwater (-4) and a majority of voters think the state is on the wrong track. More than 70% of voters are worried about a spike in crime in their area (71%) and inflation (80%), while more than three-fourths have heard about or experienced issues with filling open employment positions.”

“It’s clear that Governor Grisham is in trouble,” said Brent Buchanan, Cygnal’s CEO and founder. “Voters aren’t happy with the direction of the country or the state, they clearly hold her responsible for the latter, and her recent actions only reinforce the fact that she’s out of touch with New Mexico voters.”

When matching Lujan Grisham up with Joe Biden, voters have a higher opinion of Biden (+0.2) than Lujan Grisham, further showing that the New Mexico governor is in trouble with voters in New Mexico. Cygnal was named the #1 most accurate polling and research firm in the country for 2018by TheNew York Times.

7 thoughts on “New poll shows Gov. Lujan Grisham is ‘underwater’ with voters”

  1. That margin of unpopularity is insufficient to keep her from being elected through election fraud. And don’t count on the so-called election “audits” (as posted on the secretary of state’s website). They are not true audits that would be recognized by any CPA and can easily be circumvented.

  2. I can’t think of one thing that Lujan Grisham has done to improve the lot of New Mexicans. I also can’t think of one policy she has put forth that gets my approval. I hope to heck she loses the race in 2022 but the risk of fraud in NM’s voting -counting process concerns me greatly. I believe that it is only through fraud in the Secretary of State’s office that she could win re-election.

  3. The least our lame legislators could do is strip MLG of her emergency executive powers as they recently did with Whitmer of MI. All these Democratic governors have abused those powers and will continue to do so until the laws are changed.

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