ACLU threatens Estancia with lawsuit over ‘legally armed’ town meetings

Following the assault at the New Mexico Capitol against the Second Amendment, where nearly all firearms are banned from the premises, the town of Estancia in Torrance County is fighting back by holding town meetings where recipients are required to be “legally armed.”

“‘Legally armed’ is everything from showing up with the knowledge, willing to fight. The pen is mightier than the sword – to actually carrying, open-armed. Or, concealed carry,” Estancia Mayor Nathan Dial explained.

However, the far-left dark money group the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has blackmailed Dial and the Town of Estancia with a hostage letter “demanding they rescind a town rule that requires individuals to be armed in order to attend a council meeting or conduct business in a town building.”

The fringe group claimed, “The rule will create a chilling effect on the exercise of their fundamental rights under the First Amendment. The ACLU-NM is prepared to intervene if they do not rescind it.”

However, the rule does not require anyone to physically carry a firearm into the town meeting. But the ACLU appears to have misinterpreted the rule, as it has done in other municipalities to strong-arm local officials.

“We are a Second Amendment city within a Second Amendment county,” Dial said.

“It’s not designed for someone to have to have a firearm. It’s designed to tell the state that, ‘No, what you did unconstitutionally at the state level will not come down in the municipality of Estancia,’” Dial added, according to KRQE 13.

Previously, the ACLU has threatened municipalities such as the Alamogordo Public School (APS) Board of Education with a lawsuit over a proposed piece of legislation to ban transgenders from school sports. The APS Board, which is run by a majority of leftists, caved to the ACLU and the bill was taken off the agenda. 

2 thoughts on “ACLU threatens Estancia with lawsuit over ‘legally armed’ town meetings”

  1. I guess Estancia is a threat to the power brokers in Santa Fe. According to City Data, the crime rate in Estancia is 39.1 which is unbelievably low- and they voted for Trump in 2020. And now they prove they are for the 2nd Amendment. Talk about doing stuff to get on the bad side of the ACLU, the legal arm of the Dem Party.

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