NM Supreme Court pauses citizen grand juries against MLG’s malfeasance

According to reports, the New Mexico Supreme Court has approved scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s request for a temporary stay of at least three attempts to convene citizen-led grand juries to investigate the Governor’s botched handling of the pandemic.

The petitions filed in Eddy, Lea, and Chaves counties against Lujan Grisham and her tyrannical rule specifically target the Governor’s extreme jab coercion and mask mandates, among other measures that have led to economic destruction. 

New Mexico is one of the few states that allows citizens to petition for a grand jury with a certain threshold of the voting public. This is traditionally a tool used by prosecutors to go after criminal wrongdoing — in this case, the Lujan Grisham regime’s abuses of power during the pandemic.

“You would think at some point in time the people could be heard,” Sen. David Gallegos (R-Eunice) said. Gallegos is one of the signers on the petitions and has been advocating for them against Lujan Grisham for her “malfeasance” in office regarding the pandemic.

“Though controversial to some, the governor’s pandemic measures have been consistently upheld by the courts – including this court,” claimed Holly Agajanian, the Governor’s general counsel.

“I’d like to know why they didn’t let the process work,” Gallegos said, referring to the court.

A response letter submitted by Larry Marker, one of the filers on the petition, wrote in response, “​​The failure of the Governor and the Department of Health to adhere to the mandatory procedures for quarantine when issuing lockdown orders and limiting access to certain facilities is by law nothing short of false imprisonment and possibly abduction.”

Another passage of the response letter reads, “30-Counsel for Petitioner has failed to show the Governor or her administration would suffer irreparable harm or any specifics to [the] type of injury suffered by her with the Court acting on a constitutionally authorized mandatory action of convening a Grand Jury inquiry initiated by the Citizens.”

“The Citizens Grand Jury has been established as the Citizens checks and balances to [ensure] one branch of the Government does not have absolute authority. Petitioner has exercised her constitutionally authorized authority in a manner that has centralized absolute power with her and within the executive branch of the NM government. Through political acquiescence, lack of oversight, impasse or cowardice of the Judiciary and Legislature the instant controversy has evaded traditional means of remedy or correction.” 

Other motions filed by Lujan Grisham’s administration have attempted to suppress evidence produced by the grand juries, which is characterized by Marker as a“sneaky lawyer trick.”

According to the Journal, “In its Tuesday order preventing the citizen grand jury petitions from moving forward, the Supreme Court ordered that the grand jury proponents file responses in the case by Dec. 6.”

10 thoughts on “NM Supreme Court pauses citizen grand juries against MLG’s malfeasance”

  1. If the people want to be heard then they must refuse to comply, it is that simple. Quit depending on others (the politicians and courts) to do what each individual should do and that is very simple: do not comply. When enough people refuse to comply there is nothing she can do.

    1. Bridget Harrington

      I agree 1000% with you. The challenge is getting people into non-compliance mode. I’m not sure if it’s fear, brainwashing or just complacent laziness. Often, I am the only person in stores maskless. Most of the time, nothing is said to me. On occasions where stores refuse to serve me maskless, I leave and go elsewhere. Something that simple seems to be a challenge for people here. If you are asked to take a covid test and you are not sick, refuse. If you have to, walk off your job, but STOP COMPLYING.

      This could have ended last year, had people refuse to play along.

      1. This is what i have been saying since the beginning of this whole fiasco. Stop complying and it will stop. ‘But the problem is. as you said…getting the lemmings to stop being lemmings.

    2. Correct. The Constitutional Sherriffs need to back us up. This is where we lift the veil and see who is a communist or a patriot.

  2. One thing has become very clear the NM Supreme Court has no intention of upholding the law. The court is acting as an extension of MLG’s administration and that is unacceptable.

  3. Spot on people, the sheep masses need to STOP complying. I will not enter a store that make me mask, I can always find another business in other towns.

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