‘Queen of New Mexico’: New Mexicans react to MLG abusing power, defying court’s ruling

On Thursday, it was revealed that scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham spent federal funds totaling about $283,000 despite the state Supreme Court ruling that by unilaterally spending funds, it is abusing her power and violating the Constitution. 

But it appears the Governor doesn’t care because she is spending the federal cash anyway — a big middle finger to the Legislature — despite the unanimous Supreme Court ruling against her. 

New Mexicans reacted to the news, with Sen. Jacob Candelaria (D-Bernalillo) saying, “The Supreme Court’s order entered on Nov. 18 … made perfectly clear that the governor and no one under her control … ‘shall not transfer, encumber, commit, expend or appropriate any additional funds’ out of the [American Rescue Plan Act] account in the state treasury, absent legislative appropriation.” Candelaria was one of the senators who filed suit against Lujan Grisham’s abuse of power.

“The Legislature did not appropriate the fund transfer … so this to me is a pretty serious, clear and glaring violation of the Supreme Court’s order and makes clear that despite the Supreme Court’s order, this administration chose to spend … out of this fund illegally and in direct violation of the court’s order,” he told the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Sen. Greg Baca (R-Valencia), who was one of the senators on the lawsuit, wrote on Twitter, “This is possibly a sanctionable offense.”

The state Republican Party decried the Governor’s abuse of power via Chairman Steve Pearce who said, “This is another example of the Governor acting like a dictator and ignoring the other equal branches of government.” He added, “What she has done is contemptible, wrong and dishonors the office of Governor. She must be held accountable for openly defying the Supreme Court, and such action must not be tolerated. This governor continues to think she’s the law of the land, and time and time again she has violated her own rules and policies. She is not the ‘Queen of New Mexico’ to do as she pleases. She has to adhere to our constitution and understand that our government has checks and balances.”

Republican House Leader Jim Townsend (R-Artesia) wrote, “This administration, as directed by [Michelle Lujan Grisham], has unilaterally grabbed power and ignored the Constitution, apparently caring little about the rule of law. For 632 long days, [she] has sidelined the people’s Representatives and Senators in favor of a near dictatorship that excludes even her colleague Democrat leaders, spending money willy-nilly. 

He added, “We hear more and more whispers in backrooms about the damage [Lujan Grisham] is doing within her party and see the damage done to our state.”

Brett Kokinadis of the Santa Fe Republican Party said the Governor is “drunk on power.”

Now, as the second 2021 special legislative session approaches, it appears Democrats will use their unilateral force to redistrict congressional and legislative maps to benefit themselves, while largely ignoring Luja Grisham’s repeated abuses of power in office and maladministration.


12 thoughts on “‘Queen of New Mexico’: New Mexicans react to MLG abusing power, defying court’s ruling”

  1. When will she be charged with embezzling $600,000,000.00 she spent without legislative approval? It seems laws are only for the little people.

  2. the sad thing is, she gets away with everything she does, because nobody has the balls to do anything about it. the sooner she is out the better we will be.

  3. Early on when this money was initially distributed, I know many counties and other entities got select amounts of money for select projects. Is there anywhere where we can see where this money was spent?

    I know MLG spent $3 million initially on ‘fake’ masks and we had to eat the costs. I also know she spent millions on the vax for cash. But even places like Abq was spending some of this money on pet projects such as lighting up old town and downtown. Much of the spending did not directly help the residents during lockdown. It’s been one big free spending spree.

    1. I agree. Every time I hear steve pearce whine i picture him stamping his little mary jane shoes. He has done nothing to hold our public servants accountable for violating our God given rights.

  4. NMs nonstop corrupt government

    All the legislation in New Mexico is corrupt and always has been. They will do nothing to stop the self proclaimed queen. She is scum and those with a brain know it. The lefties love this evil witch. Sad for NM too many stupid voters here.

  5. “Townsend and Pearce talk the talk but that’s about it. What are they going to do about it?”

    I agree with Outlaw Preacher.

    You guys need to grow a pair and stand up to the disgrace that we call a governor.

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