Xochitl can’t say she ‘worked with’ Trump when she voted for a partisan coup to take him down

Xochitl Torres Small is quick to claim she “works with President Trump” on issues while serving in Congress, but not even the left-wing media is buying that anymore, with KOB 4 fact-checking the freshman congresswoman for her deceptive language in campaign ads. 

But the anti-Trump groundwork has already been set with Xochitl Torres Small, not too long ago bashing President Trump in a 2018 interview, claiming the President’s border plans are “clearly ill-informed.” 

Xochitl voted for a radical Democrat bill to condemn President Trump’s tweets, and said President Trump is a “racist.” 

But Xochitl doubled down on her Trump hate when despite herself saying Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Democrats’ impeachment was “not an explicit quid pro quo,” she voted for the partisan measure anyway — ignoring the will of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, who voted for President Trump by a margin of 10 points in 2016. 

A poll from New Mexico’s 2nd District shows that 66 percent wanted Torres Small to move past impeachment and focus on the work they elected her to do. More than half (56 percent) of all voters in the Second Congressional District opposed Congress impeaching President Trump.

Xochitl voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time — bucking President Trump at every turn. It is a farse for Xochitl to claim she has every “worked with President Trump” when her votes, statements, and ultimately, her choice to impeach him in a partisan sham coup d’etat prove she is not willing to work for anyone but herself.

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