Women’s rights activist Riley Gaines takes UNM to court

A legal battle is unfolding as the University of New Mexico (UNM) faces a lawsuit over imposing significant security fees on a conservative student group’s event. 

The Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) has initiated a federal lawsuit against UNM for levying more than $5,000 in security costs for an event featuring Riley Gaines, a women’s sports advocate and former NCAA swimmer, organized by the university’s Turning Point USA chapter and supported by the Leadership Institute.

Gaines, who is known for her stance on women’s sports integrity and her competition against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, was invited to share her insights and advocacy for women’s sports. 

However, the university’s demand for a substantial security fee, initially quoted at over $10,000, has sparked controversy and allegations of First Amendment violations.

The SLF contends that UNM’s approach to assessing security fees based on anticipated reactions to Gaines’ speech constitutes viewpoint and content discrimination, a stance they argue is unconstitutional. 

“The invoice showed that twenty-seven officers were on-site, with several officers roaming and even an ‘arrest team’ standing by, even though the event was peaceful and only a few protestors showed up holding signs. UNM also admitted that the university consistently applies higher fees to Turning Point USA events,” SLF wrote in a release.

Despite objections and a formal warning from SLF, UNM proceeded to bill the organizing groups $5,384 for security, citing the deployment of twenty-seven officers and additional security measures, even though the event proceeded peacefully with minimal protest.

This legal challenge sheds light on the broader issues of free speech and the costs associated with securing events on college campuses, particularly those involving speakers with contentious viewpoints. 

Riley Gaines’ advocacy and experiences have previously ignited debates and protests, underscoring the polarized reactions by leftists to discussions about wanting only biological women to compete in women’s sports.

Gaines recently visited New Mexico and held a rally in front of the Roundhouse to advocate for women’s rights.


10 thoughts on “Women’s rights activist Riley Gaines takes UNM to court”

  1. I for one hopes that Ms Riley Gaines wins her lawsuit. It would serve the Unitversity of New Mexico right. They had no right to do that to someone just because their views are different. But hey, that is how the liberal democrats run things isn’t it?

  2. UNM charging suck an exorbitant fee for a Riley Gaines event looks like a leftist get-rich-quick scheme. Who’s pocketing the $?

  3. It is really an attempt at communist censorship. The communists that run this state and university don’t want information out that conflicts with their insane notions about gender . The fact that they try to discourage other points of view that differs from their mental disease by over charging for security is just a stumbling block. So much for universities as bastions of free speech and ideas. Hypocrites!

  4. They charged her that much, but didn’t she have to spend 3 hours in a locked room for her protection? The police need to quit coddling these violent protestors use their billy clubs and put a stop to this! I hope Riley wins about $20 M or more, that would make the University wake up!!!

    1. I so agree. But what do you expect, they are doing what they think they can get away with. It’s about time we all fight back this socialist/communist way of thinking.

  5. I do hope Riley wins her lawsuit against UNM. Who makes the decision on security fee? Make them pay Riley… make them pay for all the nonsense that women’s sports are having to cope with. Transgender is a choice for whatever reason that choice is made. But it must not harm, hinder or impact women’s sports where the transgender has the upper hand in their physical biological DNA. Those who support this inequality have other motives. You go Riley, you go girl. You have my support and prayers.

  6. Sorry ma’am we need to collect from you so we can payoff the thugs and useless coaches because our athletic department keeps hiring thugs and UNQUALIFIED people then writing ridiculous contracts. (And yes you are not the only one we take money from.Our professors are underpaid as our athletic department is – in our eyes- more important.
    It won’t break my heart to see UNM bankrupted and shut down!

  7. It’s just another form of censorship.
    These leftist universities do not take responsibility for hijacking education campus’ around the country and indoctrinating them with their liberal bias and turning student’s into haters of God, country, traditional values and the family. Instead they, with some righteous indignation, demand to be paid for protection from destruction the very little monsters they created will inflict on their campus.
    Yes, I hope Gaines wins and these campus wake up to the mess THEY made, not conservatives.

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