To hit GOP opponents, Stansbury trashes gun shop owners, energy sector

Far-left Democrat Rep. Melanie Stansbury of New Mexico’s First Congressional District appears to not care about alienating more voters in her latest attack on the two Republicans running to challenge her in November. 

Stansbury’s team sent out a fundraising email Sunday hating on gun store owners and the energy industry (oil and gas specifically) — which provides a majority of the state’s budget for schools and hospitals.

In typical fashion, her team wrote, “Picture this: two extremist Republicans are gunning for our seat — one’s a gun store owner, and the other’s all about big energy.” 

The email added, “We can’t let them hijack our future,” insinuating that owning gun stores and working in the energy industry is in some way how New Mexico’s “future” will be upended. 

Albuquerque-area gun store and shooting range owner of Calibers, Louie Sanchez, and former independent-turned-Republican and retired energy executive Steve Jones of Ruidoso are competing in the June 4, 2024, primary to take on Stansbury.

Stansbury’s email concluded, “Democracy is on the line, John, and keeping NM-01 blue is critical to protecting it. Will you chip in $10 to join the fight with us?” 

It is unclear how keeping Stansbury, a passionately open-borders, pro-abortion up-to-birth Democrat who has spread disinformation about Republicans, is somehow securing “democracy.” 


18 thoughts on “To hit GOP opponents, Stansbury trashes gun shop owners, energy sector”

  1. Sometimes… you just gotta know its time to let scum pond suckers go.

    There are no JFK Blue Dog Old School Democrats left in the current Democrat political field… None.

    There are Communists…i.e. Russian, China, Iranian & North Korean sympathizer mindsets and that is all that is left who makes up the entire current existing leadership of the entire New Mexico DNC.

    That’s it. That is the truth, and if that hurts your rainbow unicorn feelers… I no longer give a rats a**.

  2. I personally witnessed shoplifters bagging as many items in their backpacks. They had their hoodies and face masked. The security guard caught one of them and the second shoplifter ran outside the door and almost knocked me down. This happened at a Walgreens this past weekend. It was truly an eye opener for me and the importance of protecting our second amendment. Stansbury , it is power and position you are seeking. Your concerns for the safety and wellbeing for citizens of New Mexico is not in your resume for the office you presently hold. The fallout from open borders will be with us for generations. We are experiencing the murders of innocent victims through out the Nation. This holds true for the gun laws that were passed. Wake up New Mexico and vote them out. God help us.

  3. Stephanie McKenzie

    this just proves to me what I have suspected. Melanie doesn’t really do anything herself, she has staff make up all her posts and notices. Melanie is an empty-headed twit that knows nothing about real life and how New Mexicans live. She’s always ‘lookie what I’ve done!’ like she actually thought up ‘fix NM roads’ all by herself, or ‘let’s tear down the oil and gas industry because they are so evil’ when this is the main industry that keeps NM going . She has no clue about running a business nor does she understand that the open borders she is encouraging are the source of trafficking, drugs, and crime. Vote her out

  4. This past weekend I personally witnessed two thugs bagging items from a Walgreens store in ABQ. The security guard caught one of them , the other thug ran out the store nearly knocking me down.
    This has to stop for the safety of our customers, businesses owners and security personnel. Stansbury’s verbiage is about her own agenda: power and more radical laws. We must vote them out for our safety and safety of our children. No matter how much we criticize them personally. It has to happen at voting polls.

  5. Maybe NM democrats like being last or almost last in every measurable statistic, this is the type democrat that perpetuates NM into those positions. Elections have consequences, keep voting democrat and we will make California look good

  6. She’s not in the game for New Mexico-she’s just following her idols.. Hiney-lick and little Benny-boy Loserjan.. Her intent is to sit in Washington and bilk the taxpayers out of monies!

  7. Have you seen this DemTard Witch in Congressional Hearings on Cspan??? What a brainwashed demi-Commie and fact deprived woman. She makes a total fool of herself.

  8. I watched her figuratively genuflecting before the DB-in-chief after the State of the Onion. The one where MTG yelled, “LIAR” at him? She was slobbering all over him. It was all dem BS but revolting anyway. Disgusting – hard to know which one of them was worse.

  9. Stansbury, another graduate of EMERGE NM. Check this organization out go to their website. Their number 1 recruiting goal is “women of color” and stupid white women. This is a communist front organization funded by the Democrap party and Soros. These crazy people have infiltrated NM, Ca, Co. and other states. Three of NM Supreme Court justices and most of the appellate judges have graduated from this “school”. Please check people out before you vote!

    1. Progress Now New Mexico CEO is also a graduate of Emerge NM. All funded by George Soros. Thank you Pat Davis for bringing this crap to New Mexico.

  10. This is where some of the issues have gone wrong:
    More population. More Crime. Common sense.
    Same prison space. A refusal to build new prison spaces.
    Catch…and release via ankle monitor, even suspected murderer’s.
    The DNC has taken innocent until proven guilty a tad too far by eliminating most of the bonding issues that used to be required by a suspect when they were arrested for a crime usually under a term and a court document called “A STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE”.
    What the DNC has done is changed that terminology to “PROBABLY NOT”.

    Build more prisons. No more release without a bond.

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