Anti-Israel protesters block entrance to Santa Fe Starbucks

A group of 10 individuals recently picketed outside a Starbucks in New Mexico’s capital, protesting the coffee giant’s legal actions against employees who voiced support for the Hamas-led “Palestinians,” first brought on by an X post from the union “Workers United,” which stood with the Hamas terrorists — damaging the reputation of the coffee company. 

This incident unfolded against a backdrop of heightened tensions following the egregious October invasion of Israel by Hamas, an organization widely recognized as a terrorist group for its violent actions against Israeli civilians.

The protesters donned traditional keffiyehs and bore signs advocating for a union, and the viciously anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, aimed to impede the morning rush by obstructing access to the Starbucks location on the corner of Santa Fe’s Cerillos Road and St. Francis Drive, as reported by one far-left source. Their actions cast a shadow on the complex and nuanced nature of Middle Eastern geopolitics, particularly the relentless terror campaigns waged by Hamas against Israeli citizens.

Critics argue that such demonstrations risk oversimplifying the intricate Israeli-Hamas conflict and lending support to entities like Hamas, whose tactics and goals starkly contrast with the pursuit of peace and coexistence. The BDS movement, which the protesters align with, has been criticized for its one-sided approach and potential to exacerbate divisions rather than foster dialogue.

The legal tussle between Starbucks, a leftist company, and its employees over public statements concerning the Israeli-Hamas conflict underscores the broader challenge of navigating corporate responsibility and employee rights in politically charged environments. 

According to a report from CNN: 

“We unequivocally condemn these acts of terrorism, hate and violence, and disagree with the statements and views expressed by Workers United and its members,” Starbucks said in a post. “Workers United’s words and actions belong to them, and them alone,” the company added.

Starbucks also filed a lawsuit against the union, alleging trademark infringement and demanding the union stop using its name and logos. The association with the union was damaging its reputation and putting its workers in harm’s way, Starbucks said.

While Starbucks has not been officially boycotted by the BDS National Committee, grassroots campaigns have emerged, reacting to the company’s legal stance against employees’ political expressions.

The confrontation at the Santa Fe Starbucks, marked by both support and backlash from the public, highlights the polarizing nature of the Israeli-Hamas discourse, especially when transposed onto unrelated platforms like coffee shops. 


16 thoughts on “Anti-Israel protesters block entrance to Santa Fe Starbucks”

  1. Of course they do, that’s their M.O. Hate and violence against Jews and Christians, violence is their mantra. It’s their way or no way. Disruptive, abusive behavior, no respect for individual rights or other businesses trying to make a living. The rule of law is not in their vocabulary. Hate has never accomplished anything worthwhile only more destruction to the soul.

  2. Blocking people from getting overpriced coffee that’s so stale and bitter it can only be drunk with a half cup of sugar and cream in it? The only surprise here is that Starbucks is still in business.

  3. Goodbye Pinon Post. I’m disappointed that you turned out to be just like the 2002 warmongering Republicans in support of destroying the lives of innocent people under an illusion that God favors a certain race over others. But you keep hammering out these articles while ignoring the suffering of the innocent civilians in the Gaza Concentration Camp. Shame on you, and goodbye.

    1. Thank you JT for your insight in your comments. We’ll see how far Israel worship gets America, so far homelessness, debt , forever wars, murder and violence worldwide, and foreign invasion. But people on this site will continue clapping like seals on crack every time a child is murdered.

    2. Imagine being on the wrong side of history by supporting a terrorist organization against a thriving and free nation that is defending itself against barbaric terrorists.

  4. Pray! Bring New Mexico State back to the people. We have not changed. It’s the bad in the state that is making mischief! JMJ protect us!!

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