Woke Santa Fe paper claims CRT doesn’t exist in NM schools

On Monday, the far-left Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board went all-in on defending the racist Critical Race Theory teachings that are indoctrinating New Mexico school children.

The leftist editorial board wrote, “Fights over what is being taught in schools are happening across the United States, framed as parents fight back against so-called critical race theory. Which, by the way, is not being taught in K-12 public schools, if facts mattered.” 

The New Mexican’s editorial board appears to have been sleeping under a rock since just in 2021, it was reported that in the Albuquerque Public Schools alone, children were being taught Critical Race Theory through its social studies curriculum.

As we previously reported:

​​The book list includes the revisionist “A People’s History of the United States” by discredited leftist indoctrinator, Howard Zinn, “A Queer History of the United States for Young People” by left-wing activist Richie Chevat, “THINK Race and Ethnicity” by Mona Scott, which is chock full of racist Critical Race Theory principles and “social justice” indoctrination regarding feminism, immigration, and race in general. 

Dr. Lindsay writes on Twitter, “This isn’t education. It’s Critical Theory programming.” He noted that the books shown are for the “social studies curriculum only. Don’t be alarmed that no math or science, etc., is on there. It’s not meant to be.” 

“Nearly all of the proposed social studies curriculum in Albuquerque, NM, schools is geared around Critical Theory interpretations of American history and social life. The goal would obviously be to make students think negatively about their country and state. I should also point out how much of the recommended reading list is feminist, which will serve the same Critical agenda. The goal is, yet again, to criticize the existing society (per Marx’s ‘ruthless criticism of everything that exists’) to demolish faith and support for it.” he continued. 

“Many of these books will be defended as ‘providing a different perspective/voice,’ and people will be challenged to say what they think is wrong about alternative perspectives/voices. That’s a trap. It’s the leveraging of all curricula to Critical Theory ends, which is wrong.” 

The paper claimed that those who are against teaching Critical Race Theory in elementary schools through the updated social studies standards are fighting fictitious “elites” that are attempting to indoctrinate children, calling the outrage “a bunch of hooey.”

They went on to claim pushback over the standards by New Mexicans constitutes “alarmist language” 

“That it is becoming a wedge issue in the 2022 election season is unfortunate. The nation and state face real challenges — a pandemic, the climate crisis, rising prices, homelessness and so many more. Time spent going after a threat to children that does not exist is time wasted,” it added.

The New Mexican’s editorial board concluded, “History is rich enough to include many voices. That’s a longstanding New Mexico tradition in this the state of ‘united cultures.’ To do any less would fray the ‘perfect friendship’ among those cultures.” 

But the divisive topics that made it to the final version of these standards is not “rich cultural history” 

These include having children “[a]ssess how social policies and economic forces offer privilege or systemic inequity in accessing social, political, and economic opportunity for identity groups in education, government, healthcare, industry, and law enforcement.” 

Other divisive language in the standards include anti-Hispanic racism targeting Spanish settlers in the United States. One standard reads that students are to “[c]ompare the patterns of exploration, destruction and occupation of the Americas by Spaniards.”

But to the Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board, this is what encompasses a “rich history,” as taught in public schools while CRT supposedly doesn’t exist, in their opinion. 


12 thoughts on “Woke Santa Fe paper claims CRT doesn’t exist in NM schools”

  1. New Mexico owes much of its culture to the early Spanish colonists who arrived here in the late 16th century. These heroic settlers introduced the Spanish language and customs, Christianity, and livestock.. Now CRT wants to say” adios” to all that.

    1. Thank you for putting this out so people can learn the truth.
      These people are trying to get rid of anything Spanish. Those things they can’t get rid of are said to have been brought by white settlers or the indians had them.
      The Spanish brought horses, cows, goats, churro sheep (weaving), chickens, pigs, various seeds for planting,, fruit trees, and much much more. Now, the WOKE are telling the indians that they had all these things and that the Spanish contributed nothing but killing.
      The “chart” group that was put together by WOKE socialist communists and approved by Mayor Webber is an attempt to cancel our culture here in NM. The state tourism department is also using white people and a few indians in our tourism magazine. No mention of the Hispanics of NM or our history. The “woke” that have invaded our state want to take over completely. The Indians think that the Spanish descendents have their lands. Approximately, half of NM is owned by white people. Rich white people like Ted Turner . Approximately, half is owned by the federal government, (BLM). There is very few pockets of land owned by Hispanics and others who aren’t wealthy These lies have divided the Hispanics and the Indians who for hundreds of years have been at peace. The majority of Hispanics with Spanish ancestors are also have approximately half Indian ancestors. The native people of NM need to learn the truth about what these people are trying to do to our state.

      1. I appreciate all that you have stated and I totally agree , and agree change is good but to what I have been seeing these past years of tearing down of one’s culture is totally out of the question. I thank you for your posting of this matter of great concern for our city

  2. People need to read the following books in order to know about the real New Mexico history.
    TREE OF HATE, Propaganda and Prejudices Affecting United States Relations with the Hispanic World. By Philip Wayne Powel
    Hidden History Of Spanish New Mexico. By. Ray John de Aragon

    These books will open your eyes to the truth.

  3. So, if CRT indoctrination were to be followed to its logical conclusion, then the English and Spanish languages would be outlawed and replaced with indigenous languages.

  4. I would be happy if the schools taught the students to read and write. It is time to stop the indoctrination of the youth in NM.

  5. Cultural Marxism along with all other communist philosophies being introduced today is only to “rid” NM and America of its European ancestry. All things European must be discredited and destroyed and a wedge driven between ethnic groups so that enmity replaces cooperation and cohesion. As a descendant of Spanish colonists I can state that few families don’t have Anglo relatives due to intermarriage in NM. The last thing our “new” masters want is an awakening of European pride and resistance to the Marxist philosophy of divide , conquer and oppress. Therefore like they’ve done all around the world they must keep people obsessed with ethnic hatred and “social justice” / revenge of real or imagined “wrongs” so that they can never arrive at the fact of who is really oppressing them.

  6. LibTards believe their agenda and ideology are ‘standard and normal’ and all other thoughts are ‘racist and White Privilege’….

  7. Teachers need to teach, not indoctrinate our children. The article by the Santa Fe New Mexican supporting CRT is typical of a rag newspaper spouting crap for the Progressive Left liberals.

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