Kamala Harris to officiate MLG’s wedding in D.C.

On Tuesday, it was reported that scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will have Kamala Harris officiate her wedding on May 21 in Washington, D.C. Lujan Grisham is marrying her fiancé, Manny Cordova.

“We’re delighted to celebrate our wedding in front of family and close friends,” Lujan Grisham and Cordova said in a joint statement. “Like so many New Mexicans, we’ve postponed family celebrations over the past two years during this pandemic. We feel fortunate to be with our loved ones in celebration of our marriage.”

The statement comes as an interesting surprise since Lujan Grisham repeatedly bucked her pandemic orders to buy jewelry. She also feasted on taxpayer-funded Wagyu beef while New Mexicans were ordered to wait in cold breadlines to buy food and basic needs over the holidays during COVID-19.

The couple was initially planning to get married in 2021 but had not set a date, said Jared Leopold, a spokesman for Lujan Grisham,” according to KOB 4. 


31 thoughts on “Kamala Harris to officiate MLG’s wedding in D.C.”

    1. I sent the Texas governor an email letting him know the date. I think it would be a Great Reception Gift.

    1. She is an attorney. Attorneys can marry people just like ship captains and military officers. It’s a legal contract, not a religious one.

    1. She has no loyalty to this state. Are you kidding me? She gives state contracts to out-of-state vendors and makes decisions (Green New Deal) designed to screw her constituents and their livelihoods. We had thousands of cosmetologists in this state unemployed because their salons were shut down….yet she paid her daughter in California for hair and makeup services. So much for obeying her own orders about not traveling or socializing outside of her household. This is one more in a long line of typical behavior patterns for her. “Past behavior is the best indicator of future performance.”

      I personally believe that she already got married last year. She traveled quite a bit during covid, to Colorado, California and Hawaii. I started noticing a wedding band next to her very gaudy engagement ring last fall. So this is just likely “for show.” A fancy party for her Washington buddies. I am getting married next summer down in SENM, and I am using LOCAL VENDORS, LOCAL TALENT and SMALL BUSINESSES for our day. She doesn’t care about us in this state. And she’s thinking ahead. If she gets voted out, she needs a job. She’s been kissing up to Sleepy Joe since he got elected. In the corporate world, we call this “making facetime.” This was all very well thought out and planned as a PR event. I’m expecting to see Nancy Pelosi and a few of the other swampers partying it up. She’s unethical, corrupt and evil but she isn’t a complete moron.

  1. Nancy Tannenbaum

    This thing could be held on the moon and NM taxpayers would still be footing the bill one way or the other.

  2. This is “Dumb and Dumber” in the dog grooming van. I mean really the groom deserves everything he gets, what a dumb @$#!

  3. Mary Margaret Cole

    Since she feels the pandemic is sufficiently under control that she is traveling to get married, she needs to end her pandemic emergency orders today.

  4. Local media reported this yesterday as if it is some great event…they were all excited to report. I say these clueless women reflect each others’ stupidity and ignorance. It is almost laughable…but not as we consider the damage they have done and are planning for us suckers.

  5. We got rid of debbie dumb-dumb (haaland) thanks to DC. And heinrich moved closer to his corrupt friends. Maybe they will do NM a favor and keep MLG too. Keep an eye on what she charges the public for her private event. She’s going to stick it to us somehow. But go. JUST GO AWAY.

  6. Hello MLG. Are you not paying attention? It is now time to end the Emergency Health Order. Allow parents to make the decision on whether they want their own children wearing masks in schools.

    End the tyranny!

    1. Preview of the Dem’s POTUS ticket? They need to shore up the black and Hispanic votes. Having a black and Hispanic on the ticket may be what they are after.

  7. The worst vice-president in history is officiating the wedding of the worst governor in the country. Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit.
    If our kids had to zoom learn, the governor should zoom wedding.

  8. I think MLG is looking for another job within the Biden administration . She knows she will lose this next term in New Mexico and will be looking for a job. That is why she is having Kamala Harris officiate her wedding.

  9. At least she isn’t “marrying” another woman. New Mexican politics has been corrupt since before the founding of the state and it is no different now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were cartel members at her so-called “wedding”.

  10. We are gathered here, in this place of gathering, to celebrate us all being gathered together, as we gather for this ceremony. A ceremony we call marriage, where two or more beings, usually human, gather together to become married, in this special celebratory gathering to celebrate marriage…

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