Woke Bud Light partners with UNM for new Lobo beer packaging

As college football season kicks off, woke Bud Light, which lost billions amid its partnership with radical transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, is gearing up to celebrate with its highly anticipated limited edition college football team packaging on cans.

Among the array of team-themed designs, the University of New Mexico Lobos will be featured in the Bud Light release, among a few other schools.

Each can within this limited edition collection will have a QR code, allowing fans to scan and participate in an enticing giveaway. Winners can snag exclusive team merchandise and get a flyover in a private jet at a game of their choosing. 

The brand is also about to launch the “Bud Light Backyard Tour: College Edition.” This tour is scheduled to make town stops on the Thursday or Friday nights preceding some of the most exhilarating rivalry gamedays. As part of the event, it will also feature “top DJs.”

The brand is partnering with other universities, including the University of Texas, the University of Kentucky, the University of Maryland, and the University of Wyoming, among a few others. This is apparently a new marketing strategy to try and claw back some former customers after they were alienated from the woke Dylan Mulvaney partnership, among other flubs.

UNM itself has gone increasingly woke, with its president, Garnett Stokes, backing the extremist Black Lives Matter cause, while it is offering a “Critical Whiteness Studies” course this fall. Stokes also fumed over the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision banning racist affirmative action policies for college admissions.


22 thoughts on “Woke Bud Light partners with UNM for new Lobo beer packaging”

  1. I’m surprised that’s transgender supporter Bud Light would want to be associated with football’s toxic masculinity.

  2. As a UNM Alumni, there was a time when I supported UNM. But, that time has long since past given their woke direction. Sorry UNM, but you get nothing from me in the way of support or donations!

    1. I’m right there with you. When they embraced the covid scam and the whole mandate campaign, that was it for me with them. Cancelled my Popejoy membership. And I don’t support their athletics after they hosted a “vaccine event” using NM United.

      Go woke, go broke.

  3. Talk about UNM digging their own grave. Will never ever go to their joke gmes and will change TV channels. What a waste of our tax dollars…..

  4. I know beer companies are going to target universities, that’s kind of a given, and I understand Bud Light trying very hard to regain their market. What pains me the most as a UNM alumni is the awful leftist president who supports BLM and starts a course on ‘Critical Whiteness Studies’! Our family is a mix of Hispanic and Caucasian. We enjoy things from both cultures. Are my grandchildren going to be taught they should be ashamed of their ‘Whiteness’ or does their mix with Hispanic exempt them from the ‘shame’? What about children that are both black and white? that Garnett Stokes is an evil woman and I am praying her out. I was proud of being a UNM alumni and my daughter one also, but I am not going to help my grandchildren go to UNM, I’ll find them a better option.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I graduated from UNM in 67 and my diploma was sent to me in the summer of 68 while I was deep in the lowland jungles of Guatemala. So much has changed, some for the good and some not very good. It is a shame to for
      UNM to sell its soul for so many ‘Shekels’ to endorse a product that many are calling or referring to as Queer Beer. Oh well, president Stokes has an agenda.

  5. UNM, UT, UK and all of the other Universities that want to help the Budwiser brand have gone WOKE !! I have been a beer lover for over 50 years!! Since Budwiser has so many brands, I decided to quit drinking any beer! I will be SAVING over $1,000 per year plus not paying NM’s sales taxes on beer, also won’t be watching any WOKE UNIVERSITIES sports events!

  6. Who made this woke decision? This is very bad karma for the football team and their supporters. Is Bud paying UNM for this promotion? Does UNM need the money that bad?

  7. A company like Anheuser-Busch who’s net worth $115 billion dollar company and has a plethora of different beer products that people drink and they can pretty much do anything they want. They might lose sales but not enough to put a dent in their income. They are basically corporate and can support any cause. As for Universities if it really irks students they should go somewhere else and if enough students leave maybe the lack of admissions or transfers will hurt them.

  8. As we said in the 70s: Are you stoned or just stupid? Instead of picking either answer, the correct response is “Yes – very!” The gazillion dollars paid to college presidents is obscene and the colleges and universities are top-heavy with administrative employees. I used to be one! Univ of CA is ferociously expensive and that’s one of many reasons why. I never saw a university president do anything but have a nice office. Get rid of them and the admin leeches and you’d (hopefully) pay a lot less to attend.

  9. Almost all Universities teach and preach Marxism as their underlying hidden philosophy, but they aren’t smart enough to realize that they will be executed for being part of the bourgeoisie once their revolution gets going.

    1. Stokes should review the 4 year rule of the Khmer Rouge or CPK in Cambodia. Does Stokes know or even care about the number of professionals, educators and government officials included in the genocide during those 4 years of the 1.5 to 2 million people murdered to achieve woke national purity? She knows because she knows everything, just ask her.

  10. Just shows how low UNM can go. And it hasn’t reached bottom yet. UNM sure is shooting themselves in the foot here. But of course UNM so-called leadership will get in bed with any old thing because they losers. Hard enough to get people in the stands as it is.

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