UNM offering ‘Critical Whiteness Studies’ course

According to the University of New Mexico’s  (UNM) Fall class offerings, the course “Critical Whiteness Studies” is being offered, where students will learn about how the professor believes white people are evil.

The course, taught by Bethany “Beth” Davila, Ph.D., “will explore the interdisciplinary field of whiteness studies. We will learn about whiteness as an ideology of supremacy and domination that functions, in part, by labeling what white people do, think, and value as superior and normative.”

“With the understanding of whiteness as an ideology—as opposed to a racial identity, experience, or skin color—whiteness studies is relevant for people of all backgrounds in order to examine how whiteness shapes society, beliefs, and practices,” the course description notes.

Davila’s bio on the UNM website reads, “My primary areas of interest are in race, whiteness, standardness, and perceptions of student identities. I use my scholarship, teaching, and administration to explore opportunities for valuing linguistic diversity in writing classrooms in order to challenge ‘standard’ English.”

The course notes that the “goal” of “Critical Whiteness Studies” is “to learn how to identify and challenge whiteness as part of an antiracist practice. In this course we will largely focus on whiteness in relation to colonialism, educational contexts, and language practices. Class work will include regular readings, informal homework and reflections, and a final research project.”

Similar courses are being offered at the University of Colorado, Denver, titled “Problematizing Whiteness: Educating for Racial Justice.”

Last year, the University of Puget Sound hosted a “Critical Whiteness Studies” course that “engages with ‘whiteness’ as a category of identification in order to develop a theoretically informed understanding of the history, function, and effects of racial encoding within literature.”

The University of Wisconsin Madison offered a now-deleted course titled “The Problem of Whiteness,” according to a report from the Daily Wire.

It is unclear what the blatantly racist course will teach in regards to supposed “whiteness” shaping society, especially from Davila, who is white. 

UNM’s Black Lives Matter-supporting President Garnett Stokes recently fumed after the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed racist affirmative action college admissions.


28 thoughts on “UNM offering ‘Critical Whiteness Studies’ course”

  1. I am a 1970’s UNM grad. For the life of me how will this class help you in your “JOB” search when or if you graduate? What is the cost? How much would you believe this class material coming from a WHITE person? I guess I am just an old white cracker honky asking real stupid questions here. I fail to understand! Welcome to the real world clown show that is our higher education these days.

    1. Schools that receive tax dollars should be diverse. There should be as many conservatives teaching as wack job communist Marxist democraps. If not at least a 40/60 split they should loose all funding and the NM college fund cannot be used to attend.

  2. Sonia Nordenson

    Oh, brother.

    In our many, many lifetimes on this planet, we have all been born every color under the sun. And both genders. And we have at one time or another experienced every degree of lack or prosperity, ranging from brutal poverty to great wealth.

    We’ve been good guys and bad guys. We all deserve reparations. We all should pay for our past transgressions.

    Also, as a lifelong professional editor, now 77, I wince to think what “linguistic diversity” may challenge “‘standard’ English” at UNM.

    I don’t doubt that Dr. Davila’s heart is in the right place. But oh, brother.


      I was a lifelong editor too and I am about as old as you. I see this Orwellian NewSPEAK movement as part of the plot to destroy America and install a global socialist government. Looking at Doctor Beth’s picture, I see she that is nice looking red-headed white, possibly of the Northern European variety, or possibly Spanish. Her picture inspires me not to want to hurt the feelings of another human being, but the obvious question is this: “If she is so offended by white supremacy, why doesn’t she give up her job to a black?” Maybe she will if she writes a book that is promoted by the lefties and bought by all the government-run schools and she gets rich, like the BLM leaders. She might have a good scam going here.

  3. Get your kids the hell out of UNM. It may be difficult in all aspects of the
    attempt, but they’ll have such a better future ahead of them.

  4. Michael Wachocki

    It would be nice if they would work on actual problems that bedevil our society. Quit chasing unicorns.

  5. I wonder if this racist professor will tell the students there are only four races, white, black, red and yellow. She of course falls in the white catagory no matter how much she might resent if.

  6. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
    I have a dream that the content of my character won’t be attacked because I was born white.

  7. It has not occurred to these morons that Western Civilization, in part because of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, is far superior to any other culture in the world. If one looks on the main democratic and free countries in the world, they are from the remains of the British Empire. Almost all other nations in the world are based on Tribalism or religion or have tyrannical dictatorship like Chinese Communism or Russian Fascism. And yes, the most free of these countries are majority White. I do not have time for an entire History lesson here. Let me just say this moron professor is full of sh*t.

  8. I was born from Jewish ancestry. My skin is white. The history of the Jews, including Jesus Christ is wrought with violent attacks murder and hatred. Expelled from their own homes, their children murdered, banned from their home countries, libled, shunned and enslaved, based on predjudice, jealousy, envy and a desire to wipe a white/Jewish people off the face of the earth, to this very day. Many evils have befell white peoples of all cultural backgrounds, caused by other whites or other races of peoples. Cain slew Able. Pandering and promoting more hate, she earns the title of imbecile with her undeserved Professorship truly a degree of disgrace. Obviously trying to garner attention for her pathetic self, in the name of other people’s suffering she is frankly a parasite, narcissist, psychopathic sociopath! Fomenting hatred is not scholarly! What a shameful administration at UNM, a stain on what should be an Institution of higher learning.

    1. Correction: their are jews of many colors and backgrounds.
      Jews will accept all people as Jews, if they ask a Rabbi.

  9. NAZI – National Socialist – Targeted Jewish people as the root of all evil.
    DAZI – Democrat Socialist – Targeting White people as the root of all evil.

    How soon people forget, and quick they are to ignore history — much easier to do if you follow the socialist way and just re-write it!!!

    This “professor” is professing racism and hatred; inciting division and violence. This could only be promoted at a DAZI institution. The only interesting aspect of the class would be in learning and exploring socialist propaganda techniques.

    Socialism is such a strange and terrible cancer!!!

  10. Will her students have to agree with her anti-white racism to pass the class? Or maybe they don’t give grades anymore. Maybe they just grade you on your skin color.

  11. Janet is correct about the only true races of mankind. Universities and schools were hijacked many years ago by Marxist infiltrators to divide society and sow confusion ,thereby making us easier to control. A communist tool used every time. America is more divided than ever in our history because of this philosophy of hatred and self deprecation by people like Beth Davila. The goal of “education” today is one of getting impressionable young people to hate their race, culture , religion and country so that their servitude to the state can be complete. Our tax dollars should not go into such divisive communist “courses”!

  12. The day NMT does this, I’ll walk out of all of my education roles and never return. I’m nothing but a straight, cis-gender, white male, but if this passes as education, there’s nothing left for me to teach anyhow.

    If I’m supposed to undermine the achievements of some of my students by treating their achievements as a measure of their perceived advantages, then there is nothing left for them to achieve.

    If there is nothing left to achieve, then there is no reason to live. Is this why white males kill themselves at a much higher rate? When the whole world screams at them, “You didn’t build this”, “You only got this far because of your privilege”, “Your struggles are nothing compared to others”?

  13. I think it’s a big revelation how much our society has fallen. If we the people don’t stand up against it, it will continue. UNICORNS IS RIGHT!

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