Judge lets teen accused of killing newborn attend college in person

In a recent virtual court appearance, Alexee Trevizo, a New Mexico teenager accused of murdering her newborn baby in January 2023, discussed trial-related matters. Trevizo allegedly strangled her baby and disposed of the body in a hospital bathroom trashcan. Surprisingly, the story has a twist: despite facing these charges, she could soon be attending New Mexico State University (NMSU) — and in person.

During the virtual hearing, Trevizo’s attorney revealed that she had been attending NMSU online, and they requested permission for her to attend the university in person. Interestingly, a domestic violence prohibition against Trevizo was considered, particularly given that the baby’s father also attends NMSU. The possibility of encountering him prompted discussions between prosecutors and the defense.

The judge strangely ruled in favor of the defense, stating that the domestic violence prohibition would not apply in this situation, and Trevizo would be allowed to attend NMSU in person. This decision has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the implications of her attending university while facing horrific allegations of slaughtering her newborn child in the hospital restroom.

It’s important to note that New Mexico has no restrictions on abortion, and this case has reignited conversations about the state’s stance on abortion and its potential connection to cases involving newborn deaths. This lack of abortion restrictions has led to concerns about the encouragement of infanticide and the consequences that might arise from such a legal framework.

Trevizo’s trial is scheduled for October 2, 2023. As the case unfolds, it raises broader questions about the intersection of legal decisions, societal values, and the ongoing discussions surrounding abortion policies in New Mexico.


19 thoughts on “Judge lets teen accused of killing newborn attend college in person”

  1. This one will probably put us in newspapers across the country. Again. I think all of our judges need to have IQ tests. Also, see if they can read cursive writing. That seems to be a problem for some people.

    1. I don’t think the issue is that our judges need IQ tests. Most of them are actually intelligent. They need morality/ethics tests and also a thorough examination of their bank/finance records. The vast majority of them are “just following orders” and getting kickbacks and advantages for doing so. Same reason why most of our legislators – both sides – wouldn’t stand up against MLG or her mandates. Many will look the other way and follow the narrative if it means $$ or a desirable next job/promotion. They couldn’t care less about crime or what their rulings do to society – only their own gain.

      Hopefully the other students will apply some of MLG’s “positive peer pressure” and inspire her to leave/go back to remote study. I have a kid her age who just graduated college and I would not want him taking classes with a murderer.

  2. This person’s soul, as well as the judge’s and the state’s, is up for grabs. To murder a child without penalty or consequence is unbelievable.

  3. How can one expect this killer to be punished when by killing her baby she was just following the states law regarding infanticide. When the state openly supports and funds abortion up to birth then it seems only right that women have the option of doing exactly what the state does legally. Murder by any other name is still murder.

  4. What we are saying here is her strangling her baby is a “legal Abortion”? The world we live in has been horribly transformed. It is sickening.

  5. When the state sanctions murder of babies, how can they then prosecute women who follows their lead and kills their babies. I suppose in the radical leftists eyes her only crime was not paying the state to murder her baby for her.

    1. Why is this Alexee any different from anyone other girl that threw their newborn baby in trash? Look at the girl that threw her baby in trash bin in Hobbs. She went straight to jail no questions asked. She didn’t get any special treatment like Alexee is getting. Able to finish school, graduate, attend prom an still trying to attend college? Walking around like she didn’t do anything wrong. What does the judge not see in the videos that she’s pregnant in school, at the game even of her classmates saying that she told them she knew she was pregnant an had a name picked out. What more evidence is needed omg. If it was someone else they’d be locked up in a heartbeat. She may have had money to get bailed out, but money is everything, especially loosing a baby 👶. Then the mom in the videos acting like she didn’t know why her daughter was getting arrested, omg, come on you where at the hospital when she did what she did. Maybe she should review the videos too, sit down together an have freaking popcorn. I’m so HAPPY NMSU students don’t want her going to school there. She’s a disgrace to NM. She’s a woman now she should own up to the situation she caused for herself. She needs to be in jail now an not sitting at home waiting for her trail. I’m sure if anyone else murdered another living person their not home or out an about waiting for trail. Wow, Alexee I hope an pray you get what’s comng your way. Unlike your baby did, rest its soul. God will give you the punishment you deserve. So enjoy your last days of freedom. Cuz you got the rest of your life to sit in prison an think what a stupid little girl you were when you killed your baby.

  6. Democrats voted for unlimited abortion! Guess this is allowed now! I wonder what the age limit will be for it to still be an “abortion”?! Our Democrat politicians and their whacko laws are the real abortion!

  7. This is what you get for voting demoncrats. They turn a blind eye. They won’t mention it in their forums.Just like their pro-abortion stance they could care less about a babies life. She may have got judged by an idiot. But when her time comes she’s going to get judged by God.

  8. Her attorney, Gary Mitchell, is a big player in NM & NM politics. He’s represented lots of notorious criminals. Which is why the judge rolled. They don’t follow the law here in NM (& in increasingly many other states) anyway.

  9. For many years I have heard people say if you know you are guilty of a serious crime and want to beat the charge, then hire Gary Mitchell to represent you. Alexee Trevizo is counting on Mitchell to come to her rescue. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she is found not guilty.

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