While New Mexicans suffer, MLG, Egolf offer up NM as Afghan refugee camp

On Friday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham joined Speaker of the New Mexico House Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) in sending a letter to Joe Biden offering to house refugees fleeing Afghanistan amid Biden’s crisis in the country where the Taliban has taken the reigns. 

The letter from the two Democrat politicians reads as follows:

Here in New Mexico, we have long been a state that values and takes pride in our diversity and unity of many cultures. We have a proud tradition of welcoming refugees from around the world with open arms, and we make no exception for the people of Afghanistan. 

As a state and a nation, our ideals have always been to uphold and value the contributions of every individual. We cannot and should not turn our backs on those around the world who share that ideal. To that end, may this letter serve as a reminder that Ness Mexico is here to help resettle and accommodate those individuals and families who’ve spent the past two decades supporting our U.S. troops, diplomatic personnel, and efforts to bring peace, democracy, and security to Afghanistan. 

We are glad to remain in contact with your administration on the evolving plans for settlement of these vulnerable populations, and we will await further direction from your administration as to how we may be able to support those efforts. 

Despite the two lawmakers’ concerns for the “vulnerable populations” of Afghanistan, never did Egolf or Lujan Grisham offer to house migrants from the communism-ravaged country of Cuba, where people in the country are begging for help from America. They were not welcomed with “open arms” as Egolf and Lujan Grisham claim in their letter.

The offer also comes as New Mexico faces some of the highest unemployment numbers, which are bound to go even higher now that the governor is renewing her strict indoor mask mandate, regardless of vaccination status. 
Lujan Grisham killed 40% of small businesses in the state and we repeatedly hit the number one spot for unemployment. Also, due to the Governor’s new mandates, economy-driving state fairs and festivals are being canceled or scaled back due to the Governor’s mandatory vaccination demands.


14 thoughts on “While New Mexicans suffer, MLG, Egolf offer up NM as Afghan refugee camp”

  1. Bring home the stranded Americans

    Letter to Egoff and the gropist;
    listen you two demonic turds, you want those afgun terrorists here, move them in with you. Show them how much of a loving demon-crat each of you are. To the fat turd in the red skirted tent, you’ll have all the stinky Muslim crotches you can fondle, you sick pig!

  2. But as John Block said persecuted Cubans not welcome and we know why. Cubans have had their fill of demonic communism and would relay the stories of woe and misery that has befallen ALL countries cursed under this wretched control system. America is at the brink and sadly NM is leading the way with Marxist mayors , Governor, and demonrat controlled legislature.

  3. New Mexican for MLGs Arrest

    MlLG and Egoff need to be thrown in prison. They do nothing but destroy New Mexico. We do not need refugees coming here from anywhere. New Mexico has already allowed too many people to come here. They have taken our culture and turned our state into Democrat hell. No more, rise up New Mexico!

  4. MLG Devils Advocate

    A question for idiot New Mexicans that support this witch. You OK with refugees coming in, not wearing masks and taking your freedom? MLG will force you to keep your mask on. Oh wait, liberals believe everything their communist Governor tells them. So, the answer is yes.

  5. the Elites plan in America and Europe for years has been to bring in unvetted “refugees” from threat or war torn countries. Then these “refugees” commit crimes and atrocities, and then they blame our rights and freedoms as the problem. This is one way we are losing our rights. All planned, problem reaction solution.
    They create the problems then step in as our saviors.

  6. Russian statement on allowing Afghan refugees;
    President Putin declaring that no Afghan refugees will be allowed into the Russian Federation, says in explaining this decision he stated: “Who are these refugees?…How can we tell?…There may be thousands, or even millions…The border is a thousand kilometers – they will get on everything, a car, even a donkey, and flee across the steppe…we do not want fighters disguised as refugees to turn up in our country…we do not want to repeat what happened in the 90s and mid-2000s… We had these horrors that are now being repeated on the territory of Afghanistan”.

  7. No one is vetting any of the “refugees” at all. One question being posed by many is “How many Taliban, Isis, Al-Qaeda terrorists are hiding among the refugees ?”
    My bet is the 1st time any terrorist action occurs ( a multiple shooting (with or without fully automatic firearms) in a store / at an event / random drive by, a suicide bomber, a vehicle running over multiple people at an event, etc) in NM she will blame “right wing extremists” hating our peaceful Afghan refugees.
    ( https://freebeacon.com/national-security/dhs-braces-for-terror-threat-on-southern-border/ )

  8. MLG and Egoff need to be arrested for offering a free meal ticket and easy access to 2 national labs by foreigners. The safety of New Mexicans has already been compromised by her letting ILLEGALS cross the border and now this.?!! Their actions are kin to TREASON and abuse of power. Loserjan-Gruesome is an idiot and needs dragged out of the roundhouse in handcuffs!

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