Lujan Grisham regime pushes ‘climate emergency’ doomsday propaganda

On Sunday, the Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board posted its latest opinion piece, this time floating the idea that a supposed “climate emergency” must be all that is talked about “all the time.” 

The far-0ut editorial fearmongers imminent disaster if extreme actions are not taking, writing, “the window to stop its progression is rapidly closing.” The board proposes, “Let’s not call it climate change anymore. The planet is in the midst of a climate emergency.”

“That’s why the switch from burning fossil fuels for energy to renewable power is essential. It’s also why New Mexico and the United States must control methane gases and other pollutants,” the editorial continues. “If we can coordinate efforts to stop carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, temperatures will rise, but not to a point that makes life unbearable.” 

The board proposes that through the United Nations, countries should cough up billions of dollars to stop this supposed “climate crisis” with massive investments switching to “renewable” energy to limit the rise in global temperatures by two degrees Fahrenheit.

Scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is touted for her work to ram through radical budget-killing “climate change” policies, such as her Green New Deal (Energy Transition Act), which will decimate the fossil fuels industry by the year 2045. 

“The oil and gas industry is the state’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, and these rules will reduce the industry’s pollution footprint,” the New Mexican editorial board claims, applauding Lujan Grisham’s economy-crippling plan to “increase the availability of zero- and low-emission vehicles in the state. A Clean Fuel Standard is being updated as soon as the next legislative session and the state is shoring up electric vehicle infrastructure.” 

But the state has already seen the devastating effects from the Governor’s “green” proposals, such as the Green New Deal, which is likely to create brownouts by next summer due to an energy shortage and has forced the closure of the San Juan Generating Station by PNM, leaving countless New Mexicans without jobs and only around 80 employees able to retire. For the rest of the employees, though, they’re going to have to go find some other form of employment,” said plant manager Omni Warner. 

Even far-left enviro-Marxist groups have begged the Legislature to make changes to the Energy Transition Act before it completely wrecks the state.

The alternative energies that Democrats’ tout, such as wind and solar, have shown to use toxic pollutants in production, they are unreliable in terms of energy power, and because of how they are produced, wind turbines and old solar panels cannot be recycled. They also are frying (solar) and crushing (wing) birds and bats in mid-air — an extremely devastating demise for these aerial animals. 

But Gov. Lujan Grisham’s administration continues its extremist push for “climate emergency” propaganda by sharing the New Mexican’s editorial board, further showing the regime will push its corrosive agenda — no matter the cost to hard-working New Mexico taxpayers harmed by these destructive globalist policies. 


13 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham regime pushes ‘climate emergency’ doomsday propaganda”

  1. She needs to be removed and arrested. Put on trial for every single thing including violating the New Mexico Constitution.

  2. The flu scam is running out of steam so the globalists and their fellow commie travelers have to go back to the well and bring out “ climate emergency ” after global warming was solidly debunked. This to keep the citizens in terror so that control becomes easier. This Governor is 100% on board with all of the communist mandates being issued by the communists at the “United Nations “ . We need to support new candidates that are real Americans and will uphold their oath of office to abide by the NM and US constitution.

  3. Let us take a look at this…once again the democraps show their ignorance in the science department…..they know nothing but how to scare us the virus department..thinking …or lying to us that masks work for virus…they dont…to now ..climate…lying to us stating that humans have the ability to contol it…..have they never heard of..El Ninos…La Ninas..ocean currents..or even underwater geothermal activity? …her ignorance of the real world is amazing..

  4. But don’t worry People, we can vote her out! Bull*****. She was “placed” in office for a reason. Because they know the New Mexican People are weak and cowardly and will submit to bogus authority.

  5. New Mexican for MLGs Arrest

    There has to be a way to get rid of this mini tyrant and Egoff her minion. People need to stop listening to their climate change bullcrap. Its another way to cause fear so they can control us. Wish more New Mexicans would learn to fight back. This crazy _ b_tch needs to be thrown out of office immediately.

  6. its not CO2, its not you, it’s the Sun! repeat repeat repeat
    its not CO2, its not you, it’s the Sun

    Climate change is caused by the Sun cycles.
    China and India have less environmental laws and do way more pollution and damage than anything in the US. Are they being harped on?
    solar creates lots of radiation(dirty electricity, electric cars are inefficient, unreliable in extreme weather, and take too long to charge if you’re traveling.

    When ever you hear “climate change” Think more .gov regulation and interference in every industry and aspect of your life. Think insane taxes on food, fuel, and all energy.

    Climate change means more interference in you life and insane taxes, while billionaires pay zero.

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