Wednesday legislative committee discussing MLG’s racist CRT social studies updates

On Friday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) heard hours of testimony from the public regarding the administration’s proposed updates to the social studies curriculum, which included the integration of the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT), among other radical changes.

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On Wednesday, the Legislative Education Study Committee will meet in the New Mexico state Senate chamber to discuss these updates, with NMPED’s Deputy Secretary of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Gwen Perea Warniment joining the panel. Along with Warniment, the Department’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Jacqueline Costales, will be in attendance.

The meeting on Wednesday will begin at 9:00 a.m., with the social studies updates being discussed third on the agenda, at approximately 10:30 a.m. 

The meeting details are below:

You can watch the discussion online on the website under WEBCAST

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Learn more about the new proposals in the social studies curriculum here. According to an analysis of the comments submitted to NMPED regarding the social studies updates, there were 473 negative comments, 322 positive comments, 44 comments with no clear position, 185 comments asking for more financial training, and 17 comments from school districts asking for an extension of comments until July 1, 2022.

Some of the proposed standards, as previously reported include: 

Students are to “[a]ssess how social policies and economic forces offer privilege or systemic inequity in accessing social, political, and economic opportunity for identity groups in education, government, healthcare, industry, and law enforcement,” writes one of the proposed rules, a key tenet of the racist Critical Race Theory. The rules ask students to assess this and to “Identify and analyze cultural, differently abled, ethnic, gender, national, political, racial, and religious identities and related perceptions and behaviors by society of these identities.” 

CRT is blatant in the rules, especially where the students are to learn how America is supposedly racist in its very framework. Students are to “[d]escribe how inequity in the United States laid the foundation for conflict that continues today.” 

The standards include alarming new benchmarks, specifically targeting Spanish settlers in the United States, writing regarding historical thinking that students should “Compare the patterns of exploration, destruction and occupation of the Americas by Spaniards.”

The proposed draft notes that it wants to “Demonstrate how diversity includes the impact of unequal power relations on the development of group identities and cultures” Regarding the territorial period of New Mexico, the rules aim to “Determine the role of race and racism in the acts of land redistribution during the territorial period.”


4 thoughts on “Wednesday legislative committee discussing MLG’s racist CRT social studies updates”

  1. Schools have four jobs, they need to teach reading, writing, math and lifeskills. Unfortunately they fail on all four subject yet the emphasis is on CRT, this is nothing but indoctrination.

  2. More lies, the only inequality in our country is the difference between the social (evil democrap elites) and the rest of the American people. CRT should be called CHT. Critical Hate Theory. It is hate being taught to our children. The rich want power and they are telling our children lies. Stand up New Mexico or your children will suffer, MLG is a racist against her own people (LUJAN is a Spanish name). MLG hates her own people. New Mexicans need to ask why does MLG want teachers to teach hate against her own people.

  3. CRT teaches students how to be victims. “All of my problems are because of heterosexual white European men, Evangelical Christians, the Gringos, heterosexual women…(just pick a group!)”. Teaching people to be victims teaches them to “feel” entitled and removes all personal responsibility and makes them the perfect candidates for government handouts —-> State Control. This is what we have and have had in New Mexico for decades. I’m afraid the psychological damage to the state as a whole has been devastating and recovering from it will be nearly impossible. The money has been like a drug and its hard for addicts to give up their drugs.

  4. We do not need or want CRT taught in our schools. It is just a brainwashing technique.
    Teach the basics which will equip our children to survive in this world.
    Teaching that one race is better than another is BS.

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