Lujan Grisham regime responds to CO gov’s comments on NM mask mandate

Democrat Colorado Gov. Jared Polis recently threw shade at scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for her strict mask mandate in the state, which shows it is not helping, especially with New Mexico having the fifth-highest infection rate in the nation despite the edict.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, “A Lujan Grisham spokeswoman said Polis’ comments were ‘disappointing,’ citing studies showing that wearing a mask, especially a surgical mask, reduces the spread of [the virus].”

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Department of Health spokesman Matt Bieber claimed, “The science is unequivocal: when high-quality masks are worn correctly, they are incredibly effective at reducing the spread,” claiming, “Without a mask mandate, New Mexico would have more cases.”

However, many are not buying the Lujan Grisham regime’s excuses.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce said that the Lujan Grisham regime lacks “real science to support” the mandate. He said that virus infection numbers “keep climbing, even with Lujan Grisham’s forced mask mandates.”

While New Mexico remains a top infected state, Lujan Grisham has been galavanting across the globe, traveling to Scotland for a “climate change” conspiracy theory conference on the taxpayers’ dime and then traveling to Washington, D.C. to participate in Joe Biden’s bill signing of the far-left $1.2 trillion non-infrastructure bill.

During her trip to D.C., the governor has been spotted in a massive 3M mask covering most of her face, including while on live television interviews. Kendall Witmer, Lujan Grisham’s campaign spokeswoman claimed the embattled governor masking herself “underscored her respect of New Mexico’s health care workers and families by wearing a mask while in D.C.”


19 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham regime responds to CO gov’s comments on NM mask mandate”

    1. This would be the fundamental way to do it followed by an affidavit and a court suit against her in her personal capacity for overreach of her limited duties. If thousands of New Mexicans did this, we would win. Also, get your Sheriff’s involved by affidavit complaint and you have a power house playing card. But three people in this state are the only ones willing and have done this.

  1. Just face it the people of New Mexico are screwed. She makes me want to slap the s— out of her everytime I see a picture or story about her. Get rid of her.

  2. There is absolutely nothing scientific to show that masks work against this “ pandemic “ . It is simply a power play by despots making the public bend to the will of the communist state. Other states have removed the ridiculous mask mandates with no negative change in “cases “. It appears that the unlucky states with communist governors are the states with the most “cases “ and the most problems in every other area , crime , education poverty etc. NM certainly fits that description. MLG has gotta be removed from office for her crimes and malfeasance.

  3. Masks could work “if” they were custom fit to each person and were a respirator of the quality that a car painter would use. Since we have neither of these “ifs” the masks are and always have been useless.

    I also agree with Laura’s comment.

  4. I’m getting really tired of MLG and her “sympathy ribbon” mask. Where in the Constitution does it give her to power to dictate what people wear? Her mandates are not laws she is a despot who needs to be removed from office.

  5. This female is a communist and should never have been “elected” to begin with. She is responsible for destroyed lives in NM including suicides which were a direct result of her “mandates.” She makes me sick. So do the brainwashed imbeciles who hang on her every word because they are too stupid to think for themselves.

  6. Top of the list for vaccinated population, top of the list for covid cases. Hmmm. How is this working for our state? She just needs to keep up with her stupidity and she will out next year.

  7. I live in Colorado and I thank god for that fathead loser groper in New Mexico allowing a controlled mask experiment confirming what we’ve known all along about face diapers and giving our governor an out to the woke goofs up here demanding mask mandates.

  8. I live in Colorado and I thank god for that fathead loser groper in New Mexico allowing a controlled mask experiment confirming what we’ve known all along about face diapers and giving our governor an out to the woke goofs up here demanding mask mandates.

  9. She has been a pimple on New Mexico’s Butt since the day she was Elected (We should have audited the whole election, just to make sure she wasn’t elected due to the scam’s already proven around the country) Her first act was to Stab the Tax Paying Citizens of this great state in the back by pulling troops from the border and attacking the companies trying to secure our border. Then it was all down hill from there!!! #RemoveMLG NOW #TermLimitsForCongress NOW

    1. We the NM people need to get involved and make sure this Socialist agenda is not allowed in our state. DEMS of the past no longer exist. We need to educate our fellow nm’s and save our beloved state.

  10. The only thing Good about Gruesome’s virtue-signalling mask wearing is the fact it covers most of that disgusting face that she wears underneath it,

  11. MLG Needs a Mask to Cover the Evil Within

    MLG is a liar and a evil corrupt politician. She only wears a mask in public or on TV so she can prove the lies she tells. New Mexico’s covid rates are high because people here are stupid and they keep getting tested. This is all a lie and at this point every test will come up positive so MLG can keep the masks on our face. Why are other states test rates lower? Because they are not brain washing and trying to control their people. Nothing the evil Democraps of New Mexico say means anything any longer. It is all lies and control. New Mexicans need to stop being stupid and stand up to this evil regime, or suffer control forever.

  12. The reasoning behind mask wear is severely flawed. Primarily because cloth or even surgical masks have been proven to have very little effect on reduction of viral transfer. There are good studies that demonstrate this. They are good at preventing spatter, but in reality what is most dangerous are suspended viral particles. They allow those to pass easily. The only types of masks that work are a well fitted N95 and above. We use PAPR’s in our dental office setting since they are 99.97% effective. Hence, the wearing of low filtration masks is pointless. It’s nothing more than theater. It’s unfortunate that this administration while claiming to follow the science has done no such thing.

  13. Can’t stand the masks or MLG, but Steve Pierce is useless. The NM GOP talks, collects money and alienates everyone under 45. We need some Republicans who bring something to the table instead of just ranting about everything and everyone they don’t like.

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