Libertarian candidate Bedonie: GOP’s Ronchetti ‘cannot win with me in the way’

On Sunday night, a video began circulating showing a Republican-turned-Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Karen Bedonie saying her Republican rival Mark Ronchetti “cannot win” with her in the race. Both are running to unseat Democrat first-term Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

In the video shared on Twitter, Bedonie says, “The only comfort I find in this race is that man (Mark Ronchetti) cannot win with me in the way. That man cannot win this race. He will never be governor as long as I am alive and well and in this race. 

The snippet appears to be taken from a previous live stream Bedonie made, where she claimed around the 22:30 mark, “It’s amazing some of the phone calls that come in. Like, what does it take for a person to really hate somebody to call the campaign and to yell at our campaign team and telling them that Karen’s gonna split the vote? How crazy are you really thinking this is because it’s impossible to split a vote that was never his? Ronchetti is not a conservative, he’s not a New Mexican. The only comfort I find in this race is that man (Mark Ronchetti) cannot win with me in the way. That man cannot win this race. He will never be governor as long as I am alive and well and in this race”

She then added, “MLG — she is sweatin’ it because you know what? She’s gonna have to literally try and hope — and I don’t even know if that woman knows how to pray — that we don’t beat her, but I think we’re gonna beat her because we’re looking at 85% of Democrats that can’t stand her. We were in the belly of the beat of the Democrats. The People — not the party — the people. And they were excited. They took pictures with us. They talked to us. People say, ‘Oh, the Democrats and Libertarians are merging. No! It’s not about party.”  

The original full video from Bedonie can be viewed here.

Many New Mexicans responded with shock after watching Bedonie’s remarks. One person wrote, “Infuriating! Imagine being so bitter & making New Mexicans have to deal with MLG for another 4 yrs.” 

Another person chimed in, “Well at least she comes out and admits it. She’s full on admitting she’s trying to screw over New Mexicans. [Michelle Lujan Grisham] won’t even admit that.”

One commenter wrote, “I’ve been really nice. I literally haven’t said a thing. But this is f****d up and egotistical and you KNOW IT!!! you know it!!!! I feel disgust tbh.” 

Bedonie told the Piñon Post in an interview following the video being posted on Twitter, “In regards to this whole thing, I think the Republicans were looking for a doorway to attack me on because we are so clean. They took it out of context, and they chopped it up just like they did to Trump.” She added, “It’s out of context. I will stand by my words. Ronchetti can’t win. Ronchetti can’t save New Mexico without McClesky pulling the strings.”

“I can’t split something that was never his. He never had the vote.”

As of publication, Bedonie’s remarks in the video have reached around 5,000 views on Twitter. Others have shared it via Facebook and other social media platforms.

Bedonie released a 35-minute video explanation on Monday, saying what she meant was she believed Ronchetti was splitting the vote. Watch her full response here.


32 thoughts on “Libertarian candidate Bedonie: GOP’s Ronchetti ‘cannot win with me in the way’”

  1. Shame on you Bedonie! You call yourself a pro lifer only to help elect the worst anti life governor. Shame on you. Look at what you’ve done now.

  2. Okay. So, I ALMOST voted for Karen until I saw she has NO WAY of winning. Even she pretty much admits it. I am disgusted that she says “that man cannot win without me in the way.” I think she’s an MLG …what do you call it….thrown in there to throw the race to MLG. I decided weeks ago on Ronchetti because I saw that she cannot win, but it’s good to have this as confirmation that my choice was right. Of course, DeSantis supporting Mark didn’t hurt!! But this just totally disgusted me. I mean, I voted for her last time (I forgot what she ran for). I voted for Mark for senator (I think he really won). But, never will I vote for her again. Disgusting.

  3. This is the type of bitterness that many GOP folks here in NM always engage in. Karen’s actions and delusions could very well keep MLG in office for another four years. No wonder MLG was so flippant against Ronchetti in the debates. When you have someone like Karen wrecking and siphoning votes from duped Republican and independent voters, the state stays at the bottom of every list.

    It’s way past time to get over whatever butt hurt in the primaries and unite. Getting MLG tossed is mission one this year and again it’s being sabotaged by an unhinged narcissist who thinks she’s saving the state. If she gets enough voters fooled to waste their votes on her, she will be solely to blame for the next four years. Good people will and have already stated they will leave NM permanently if MLG wins. What a tragic outcome if this comes to pass..

    1. I’ve argued for months that she will only pull votes from Ronchetti. I used to at least respect her. No more. She would rather see MLG get four more years than see Ronchetti win. Shame on her.

  4. Conservatives need to stand together, do not split the vote

    Sounds like this hateful witch was paid off to split the vote. Sounds like more cheating by the demonic democrap party.

    1. BINGO! My thoughts exactly! Apparently Ms. Benoni isn’t pro life, or for New Mexico/Mexicans after all. She’s a bitter nut case. She’s screwed herself for good now in NM.

  5. A vote for Bedonie is a vote for MLG. And she knows it, or she is mentally deranged. The last poll gave her 8%, and that was before the debates, which Ronchetti clearly won…he mopped the floor with MLG.

  6. She calls herself a Christian with so much vindictivenesss in her heart? Is she proud for her kids to see this side of her? What a loser! Her political career in NM is OVER (as if it ever began since she has never won a single race). Makes me wonder if she’s on MLG’s payroll.

    1. Exactly. She knows SHE’LL (Bedoni) never win. So she’s decided to be bitter & selfish & screw ALL New Mexicans. Karen needs to be booted out of NM.

  7. NM is a political Rat’s Nest there’s not one politican in the state that’s not a Weasel. Dems Reps Libtards all Axe Grinding Scumbags. They have NEVER done Anything to help the citizens all they do is line their pockets. Until the Citizens get a Tall Tree and a Short Rope this will continue.

  8. Went back and read several previous stories and subsequent comments about Ronchetti – not one was in favor or him as a candidate for governor. Now folks are upset Bedonie might takes votes away from him. But nobody presents a case as to why Ronchetti is the better candidate of the three – other than “at least he’s not MLG”. Not good enough.

    1. Ronchetti’s positions are on par with America First initiatives and he’s a decent public speaker. He’s a known face and is electable against MLG. He has more upside than Bedonie and polls better. He has better policy than MLG. The answer is pretty clear. Bedonie bots are just too stupid to understand you shouldn’t make the perfect the enemy if the good. You need political victories, not idiotic vote burning to have it out with NMGOP for failing so often. Keep in mind, the Base republican voter in NM voted for Ronchetti.

      Libertarians and those like them need to be distanced and dissolved if they deliver a political victory to the Dems over pettiness. You’re literally hurting the New Mexican families you claim to help by doing this.

    2. You can go do your own research and decide for yourself who to vote for. No one needs to “present a case” to you for you to know. You decide.

  9. You’re polling at 8% and yet you say it is Ronchetti that is splitting the vote? This is simply your arrogance, bitterness, and narcissism guaranteeing that we, the people of New Mexico, will be forced to endure another term of one of the worst governors in modern history. Thank you sooooo much for your unselfish service to the state you claim to love! You are a perfect illustration of what is wrong with politics today.

    1. Exactly. She knows SHE’LL (Bedoni) never win. So she’s decided to be bitter & selfish & screw ALL New Mexicans. Karen needs to be booted out of NM.

  10. She has no chance of winning! Her only motivation was exactly as she stated… to keep Mark from winning, and as unstated, to keep the incumbent!!! What a shameful candidate … no wonder she has done little campaigning, this has been her goal all along.

  11. Unfortunately, Bedonie inadvertently points out the VERY REAL problem with this upcoming election, and the candidates we have to “choose from”. Its not a “choice” for us, its a matter of the “lesser evil”. I don’t think anyone knows what Ronchetti really stands for; we ALL KNOW what MLG stands for; and now we know that Bedonie is a “Plant”. I agree: a vote for Bedonie is a vote for MLG. What a friggin’ mess. I don’t know who’s worse.

  12. Well, I watched Bedonie’s “clarification”. She’s a warrior for the Lord and righteousness. Ok. What’s her battle plan? How is she going to fight all the corruption? David had the courage to stand against Goliath, but he also had a track record against a lion and a bear, and he had a sling. Bedonie doesn’t seam to have anything more than anger, a list of grievances, and a list of people she wants to take down. There has to be a constructive plan.

  13. I WAS considering giving her my vote but after this display that smacks of cheating she can kiss my vote good bye. Can’t even find out where she stands on the issues. There is nothing righteous about what she id doing. She is nothing but a spoiler.

  14. So, Karen Bedonie is grabbing her 15 minutes of fame by this sham campaign.

    Sadly, may help get MLG re-elected. Will then be 4 years of shame for Bedonie as New Mexicans suffer more years under despotic rule.

  15. Folks want Bedonie to drop out of the race so that they will feel better in their belief that maybe Ronchetti won’t beat us up as badly as MLG has done.

  16. Bedonie has good intent to want to be Governor to unseat crazy MLG but Bedonie has just shown how dislocated from realism she truly is! There is no way Bedonie will win, so instead of understanding the REALISTIC BIGGER PICTURE she self-absorbs & fails to see that her continued stance may detract the votes needed to get the condescending, belittling, pompous Wicked Witch of the West MLG out, that ONLY recognizable face star-power Ronchetti has the best chance at succeeding. Bedonie hurts the ultimate mission! Bedonie fools herself thinking she can take enough votes away from both candidates to win, but the reality is people against MLG have made up their minds long ago and Bedonie’s presence just takes away undecided votes from Ronchetti a WHOLE LOT more than it will from MLG! Bedonie, you are killing the ultimate goal and mission! For the sake of NM and the people in it, run the next available time around!

  17. Karen Bedonie speaks the truth about the destructive policies and real issues affecting New Mexico. She DOES NOT support MLG and will not be intimidated by people who are against the truth. I am Republican and I’m voting for her because I can. I’m seeing Bedonie Signs popping up everywhere. It’s AWESOME!!! God Bless Bedonie for her bravery!

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