GOP candidate exposes Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy and lies

In a video published on Facebook Saturday, the Republican nominee for the Albuquerque-based New Mexico House District 29, Greg Cunningham, ripped the Democrats for their flagrant hypocrisy with a new attack mailer just sent out by his Democrat opponent, state Rep. Joy Garratt. 

Cunningham held in one hand an accurate mailer sent out by the Republican Party of New Mexico that the Democrats claimed was “racist” because it featured a photo of a young boy getting his hair cut by a grayed-out individual. It noted how Democrats voted against an amendment to a bill banning pedophiles from touching children, such as cutting their hair. Instead of defending their vote, they claimed the grayed-out portion of the image was “racist.”

The Republican candidate said in the video, “You are being told by the progressive left-wing Democrats that this mailer, which depicts a child getting his hair cut by a pedophile with creepy-looking hands which have been colored gray, is racist. You may have also received a mailer calling me all sorts of names with my skin similarly doctored. This is typical of the incompetent leaders that are currently in control of our state. When someone actually starts telling the truth about their record, they distract by throwing around the word ‘racist.’” 

He said, “It’s ‘racist’ when they’re trying to deflect from a record that has hurt our families, hurt our children, and hurt our communities. But it’s not ‘racist’ when they do it to a Hispanic Republican candidate for office? If this is racist, then this is racist,” pointing to the two mailers. 

“The truth is that the progressive left doesn’t think either of these mailers is racist. But one is a convenient story to tell. They tell it because they want voters, and they believe voters can be bullied into believing whatever they tell you to believe. As a Hispanic, I’ll tell you what offends me. I’m offended by bad leadership. I’m more offended by so-called leaders who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, their votes, and their record. I’m offended that they will not take responsibility for the fact that they have put my wife, my daughters, and my grandchildren at risk with out-of-control crime.” 

Cunningham continued, “I am outraged by the fact that if you question their record, they use the same tactic as children — fourth graders — they call you names. We are last in public safety. We are last in education. We are last in jobs. They can’t defend their record, so instead, they call us ‘racist’ for pointing out their records. Enough of their failed leadership.” 

Garratt is a far-left member of the state House, being one of the rubber stamps on Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s agenda, such as bills to strip away New Mexicans’ gun rights, institute abortion up-to-birth and infanticide, let criminals back on the streets, and exacerbate inflation with job-killing policies that harm businesses and working families. In one instance, when Garratt was asked to say a prayer in the House chamber, she refused to use the word “God” or “Heavenly Father,” instead opting to say, “Heavenly parent.”

Watch Cunningham’s video:


4 thoughts on “GOP candidate exposes Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy and lies”

  1. First of all , the fact that communists call themselves “progressives “ goes back to Bolshevik Russia when vile communists destroyed that country. There is nothing “progressive” about the demo commie party in NM either as was pointed out in this good article. Being last in all quality of life issues can hardly be progress yet their self coined terminology reeks of Orwellian double speak. Don’t be fooled by commie rhetoric, oh and watch for some of the incumbent Rinos as well. Just follow their voting record.

  2. The controversy over that postcard is idiotic! The greyed-out treatment is called “vignette” and is a long-used graphic arts treatment used to draw attention to a main subject….in that postcard, it was a child. The purpose of the postcard was to draw attention to pedophiles being let out of prision….pedophiles victimize children! Democrats pride themselves on being so educated and knowledgeable but either didn’t understand or knowingly twisted a graphics arts treatment into something it isn’t and never was.

    Joy Garratt likes to position herself as a sweet old lady retired schoolteacher. Take a look at her background and voting record and realize what she really is. She is originally from California and prides herself on “progressiveness.” She voted to support several Green New Deal initiatives (which kill oil and gas and raise prices for the average person). She voted to mask kids in school and supported mandating the vaccines on schoolteachers — in spite of the CDC’s statement that masks do nothing and that children are at no risk for long-term covid issues. Well, masks do something, and that’s mask facial communication cues, make it hard for speech to be interpreted and for kids with sensory disorders, are traumatizing. You would think an experienced educator would have known these things and proposed alternatives. She also supported limiting gun rights to licensed individuals but voted soft on crime. She’s one of those that believes every sinner is a saint in disguise and that every criminal can be rehabilitated, which we know isn’t true.

    Joy is in my district. At the beginning of covid, I called and emailed her office regarding the strict mandates. Everyone I know was concerned about economic impact and impact to families and education. It was obvious that the shutdowns were not going to be “two weeks to flatten the curve.” She called me back and I asked her what she thought about the restrictions — did she support this? Her answer was, “Well, the governor knows best and we have to trust her leadership. We have to wait for a vaccine.” She had nothing to say about what she and other representatives were thinking about how to protect the common person who was being told to not work, not go to school and stay home. Shortly after that, the story about the Lily Barack shopping trip broke. Joy’s record has disturbed me since she took office and I never voted for her. Her wishy-washy attitude about the mandates did it for me.

  3. And once again, Grisham will lie, cheat, and steal to win her re-election.
    Once again, she will take an oath to support and defend our Constitution and then blatantly break that oath with zero consequences, while stripping away what little rights we have left, and more babies are murdered with no restrictions.
    This is what I’m focused on. This is what we ALL need to be focused on when we go to vote.

    This criminal syndicate must be stopped or we have no future, free state, or country to pass on to our children.

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