Vengeful Dem Senate boss to boot ex-Democrat from Finance Committee

In the Democrats’ latest act of partisan vengeance as they have been working hard during the special session to ram through partisan gerrymandered maps, billion-dollar funding for leftist pork, and other wish list items for Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, an alleged serial groper, now Senate Pro-Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo) is demanding a senator who left the Democrat Party should be booted from the powerful Senate Finance Committee.

“Senator [Jacob] Candelaria has quit the Democratic Party; he’s not been in our caucus since April of this year,” Stewart said, referring to the Albuquerque lawmaker who recently quit the Democrat Party over Lujan Grisham’s partisan power grab and leftist bullying. “Finance is a very important committee and we need to have team players on it,” Stewart added, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

“It’s clear retaliation from a Senate Democratic leadership that I have no respect for,” Candelaria noted.

The retaliation by Stewart is no surprise, as the Democrat caucus in the Senate has an iron fist on its members who even dare stray, such as Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto, who was bullied earlier this year by Stewart. 

In the 2020 Democrat primaries, Senate leftists, aided by the alleged sexual predator governor, worked hard to boot out five incumbents who voted against Lujan Grisham’s abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill. 

Candelaria noted on Twitter how these radical Democrats who defeated Republicans in the Senate, “When it comes to fighting for west side communities, Senators Pope and Duhigg have been a real downgrade from Rue and Gould.” 

Candelaria on Tuesday noted on Twitter how he had been booted from the Finance Committee and would now serve on Senate Public Affairs and Education. He wrote, “Senator Mimi Stewart has just removed me from the Senate Finance Committee. Horse trading around redistricting sealed the deal. Will now proudly serve on Senate Public Affairs and Education.”

Candelaria, a known far-leftist, has recently made surprising statements against Democrats and the Democrat Party, in one tweet even writing, “Let’s go Brandon,” referring to the anti-Biden chant, “F**k Joe Biden.” 

4 thoughts on “Vengeful Dem Senate boss to boot ex-Democrat from Finance Committee”

  1. Leftists females ruining lives across the world one at a time

    Not surprised, Senate Pro-Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo) looks like a psycho, feminist’s, leftist’s female. She is why women are seen as crazy and irrational. Marxism/socialism is alive and well in NM.

  2. These politicians that are NOT for the PPL 1st, have to go come 2022! Canceled culture of bullying has no place in this state or any government, ONLY THE FREEDOM of our God-given rights!

  3. We need the republicans to put up or shut up and put the candidates the people want forward and call out the lies.

    They do not deserve our support until they do this and are part of the problem. This is why they continue to lose and grift.

    1. This last election the repulicans did put up a good candidate and he got creamed … doesn’t do any good until the people stop voting for leftist socialism… they did here in Albuquerque.

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