Leftists furious after Senate GOP stalls late-night vote on gerrymandered maps

On Wednesday, leftists complained on social media after New Mexico Senate Republicans requested a “Call of the Senate,” which requires all senators to be present to vote on a measure. The call was regarding a substitute for S.B. 2, an extremely gerrymandered state Senate map plan that’s creation was cloaked in supposed “representation” for Native American communities, sponsored by Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo). However, these changes just skewed Democrats’ partisan map even further to the left.

Republicans in the Senate claimed the Democrats wanted to push through the far-left map “while the people of New Mexico slept.” 

“They did so in an effort to hide their lies and their assault against Hispanic voices and representation. We would not stand for this. If Senate Democrats are successful in pushing their closed door, gerrymandered map to a vote, they will have to do it when the public is watching,” they wrote. 

While two Democrat senators were excused from the floor session, state Sen. Crystal Runyan Diamond (R-Deming) was absent from the floor.

The fringe far-left group “Progress Now New Mexico” whined on Twitter, claiming the move for the full Senate to vote on the measure was a “cowards move.”

The leftist group also shared tweets from the Democrat-linked group “NM Native Vote,” which has cloaked itself as a supposed voice for Native American interests on redistricting, however, it is supportive of socialism and has endorsed candidates like socialist Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller.

At the beginning of the New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee meetings over the summer, the Committee shared a tweet from NM Native Vote, writing, “Thanks NM Native Vote — There will also be public comment near the beginning of the meeting on the online public mapping tool, dates and locations for CRC meetings, and rules of procedure. See you there!” 

The tweet has since been deleted, but the Piñon Post reported on it at the time. 

The full vote on S.B. 2 is likely to take place on Thursday in the Senate, while it still needs to pass the state House maps previously approved by the House in H.B.8, which could take longer. The House still needs to take a concurrence vote on a Democrat billion-dollar bill to spend federal funds. Many of those funds earmarked by the Legislature are going to tenets of New Mexico’s “Green New Deal.”


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  1. Feminist death of America and NM

    Typical behavior of far-left cry babies. They cry and stomp their feet like spoiled children every time they do not get their way. Waah, we need adults running New Mexico not spoiled children. And of course most of the crying is from far-left, feminist women. They are only good at crying and making women look stupid. Great job, real women are sick of your B.S.

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