Legislator who left the Democrat Party declares: ‘Let’s go Brandon’

On Monday, far-left legislator and former Democrat, state Sen. Jacob Candelaria (DTS-Bernalillo) wrote a surprising message on Twitter, invoking a popular chant used by Republicans to buck Joe Biden’s tyranny.

Candelaria wrote, “Let’s go Brandon,” which is code for “F**k Joe Biden,” adopted following a NASCAR interview where an NBC News reporter erroneously claimed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon” instead of the anti-Biden chant.

Candelaria’s tweet was in reply to another tweet that wrote, “When they try to blame #DefundThePolice for their pending losses at the ballot boxes – MAKE SURE YOU SAY: in reality, it’s because the Dems can’t make good on these CRUCIAL CAMPAIGN PROMISES:

– Protect Voting Rights – Tax The Rich – Cancel Student Loans But yea “we” did it Joe!” 

Candelaria has had enough of scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Democrats who have tried to blackmail him into compliance with threats of taking away his committee assignments. Democrat Senate floor leader Peter Wirth even told Candelaria to “f**k off” during a heated spat in the 2021 Legislative Session.

“I don’t think that the decisions we make should be based on partisan ambitions, and it broke my heart to see already that the Senate maps deliberately dilute and gerrymander the west side of Albuquerque to preserve perceived partisan advantage for some members of the Democratic Party,” he said, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican, when announcing his departure from the Democrat Party. “You would strip representation from people that I represent, many of whom are Hispanic, simply because it benefits you at the ballot box.”

Candelaria said he’s “done playing this game” and has submitted forms to change his party registration to “Decline to State.”

Will Reinert of the Republican Governors Association said, “Senator Candelaria saw the same thing New Mexicans are beginning to recognize — that Michelle Lujan Grisham always thinks she is above the law,” He added, “Senator Candelaria’s wise decision is just the beginning of what is going to be a long campaign season for Governor Lujan Grisham as voters begin to examine her failed record.”

The toxic Governor, who many believe is a lame-duck one with her reelection around the corner, has done nothing to benefit her image, including dining on $200 per pound Wagyu beef steaks on the taxpayers’ dime, allegedly grabbing multiple men’s crotches which led to a $150,000 settlement to one accuser, paying her own daughter over $8,000 in campaign funds for hair and makeup, locking down the state which caused over 40% of small businesses to close their doors and her radical far-left policies that have plunged New Mexico into further decline. 

Now, with Lujan Grisham forcing members of her own party to jump ship, she might not think she’s as comfortable in her reelection chances amid the turmoil.


10 thoughts on “Legislator who left the Democrat Party declares: ‘Let’s go Brandon’”

  1. I surely do hope you are right but if she runs for Governor again, don’t be surprised if she gets re-elected! What works in other states does NOT seem to make any difference in this one.

    1. Sadly I agree with Julia’s conclusion–the people in NM seem to be completely asleep–compromised by decades of propaganda. I should know–I was a Dem for 50 years–but NO MORE. Let’s Go Brandon!!!

      1. God bless you! Vote common sense, not along party lines. ! I’m a conservative, but I vote using common sense. I’ve voted Republican, Democrat, Independent & Libertarian.

    2. I live in New Mexico and I travel around New Mexico and I haven’t met one person that supports her. Not even die hard Dems. It will be cheating or a horrible opponent if she wins. Probably the former.

  2. Enough is enough with all of grab and go MLG she has done nothing natha except stay in her drunk power state. Over 40% sm business gone due to her mandates which are not law not mention medical TYRANNY. We the people have to stand up,to this crazyness!! Did you all see CO Governor declared the plandemic is over?? Look at Florida I mean really enough of the big,lye. Let’s go Brandon!!! Let’s go Grab a d Go MLG!!!

  3. We have dominion voting machines that are connected to the internet… She wants to compete with Colorado for the marijuana trade. We don’t have enough water here for the drug plants. Cartels will start shipping to NM because it ic closer. Colorado just busted a large drug cartel . She is ruining our beautiful state and the laws don’t matter because of the voter fraud.

  4. Sheeple of NM love evil MLG

    MLG is just like all the other female, insane far left liberals. Doubt people from NM are smart enough to get her out. They just voted another far left crazy woman to the ABQ city council. New Mexicans love masks on their faces, and crazy women running the government. Wish they would prove me wrong.

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