Left-wing NM paper says Biden ‘frittered away’ chance to fix border crisis

The Santa Fe New Mexican’s editorial board hit Biden on his failure to secure the southern border and work to fix the immigration issue causing millions of illegal immigrants to flood the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

Title 42 expires at Midnight Thursday, leaving the country without an effective way to quickly and efficiently expel criminal aliens from the country. Biden promised to veto a GOP plan being passed Thursday by the U.S. House that would extend Title 42. Now, as the crisis ramps up, even his far-left supporters are offering criticisms of his border actions. 

The board, while promoting asylum, bemoaned, “Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says after Thursday, people who attempt to cross into the country between points of entry likely will be unable to claim asylum.”

They wrote, “While the pandemic and foreign unrest rightly claimed much of the president’s attention during his first term, the leader of the world’s foremost democracy has to walk, chew gum and otherwise function on many fronts.”

“It’s a mess,” the editorial board wrote. “The situation at the border is long overdue for attention. Neglect gives Biden’s opponents a club with which to attack — a political weapon they employed often and effectively over the past 10 years (Remember Trump?). Biden frittered away a chance to handle immigration effectively; he now faces the unhappy prospect of a new immigration problem that may last weeks, months, years.”

“Until reform passes, the president — this one or any other — will be left to apply Band-Aids on bleeding wounds that require stitching. Biden is supposed to be the adult president, governing from a place of experience and knowledge. He’ll need all of that to defuse the coming crisis,” they wrote.

Under President Trump, over 450 miles of border wall were constructed, while his strong policies to sure up security made illegal immigration dip significantly. However, under the Biden regime, around six million illegals have flooded into the country, with over 11,000 ravaging the border daily.

To counter this, instead of making meaningful reforms, Biden is now authorizing a policy to let criminal aliens flood into the United States without proper vetting or a way to track them.


6 thoughts on “Left-wing NM paper says Biden ‘frittered away’ chance to fix border crisis”

  1. Biden said he was going to open the border before he was installed in office. The immigration crisis was as predictable as the sun rising.

  2. Fix the problem? I do not believe there was ever any attempt, thought, dream, imagination or any other excuse the Bozo MSM want to give this whole situation.
    This has been planned since day one. They are trying to hang this on the Republicans already. WELCOME to the new FUBAR U S of A!

    The price we are all going to pay for this “INVASION”
    YES, it is treason on Biden’s part.

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