UNM president breaks silence on anti-Israel protesters’ demands

The University of New Mexico released an official statement on May 14 responding to recent protest demands related to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

The university responded to calls for a ceasefire and demands for so-called “transparency” regarding its investment activities, specifically concerning ties to Israel.

UNM President Garnett Stokes clarified the university’s stance, emphasizing that as a public institution, UNM will not engage as a political entity in social or geopolitical debates. The statement highlighted the university’s intention to remain neutral on such issues.

Furthermore, the university has made a firm commitment to complete transparency, pledging to disclose its investment portfolio in its entirety by August 2024. 

This response directly addresses the demand for transparency from the university divestment coalition, a group of student leaders. 

The statement also acknowledges and addresses issues at the Duck Pond protest encampment, noting several policy violations, including restricted public access, disruption of university operations, safety concerns due to unsafe structures, and vandalism.

President Stokes has requested the voluntary dismantling of the Duck Pond encampment by 5 p.m. on the same day the statement was issued, warning that the university is prepared to take further actions if necessary. The involved parties have been duly notified about this directive.


4 thoughts on “UNM president breaks silence on anti-Israel protesters’ demands”

  1. What? A University President…on American Soil… Stating they are going “neutral” between a terrorist affiliated organization, and a supporting civilian voting population, keeping them in power since 2006, 10,000 miles away and a Democratic Nation State?

    Oh hell no…you cannot make this sh*t up…

    But I digest…remove the homeless camps at the duck pond by 5pm or else…lol… or else what?

    Peaceful…er…mostly peaceful protesters who support a terrorist gooberment… only are voicing their opinion and destroy and vandalize a few things… Its not like they are kidnapping murdering and raping senior citizens, women and children and holding them hostage…in a place…10,000 miles away…

    Any Professors in the tent city at the duck pond? Like at NMSU?

    Asking for a friend…

    1. The minute the first tent was put up, it should have been taken down. And get the rest of the groups names and if they’re US citizens, live in NM. If illegal, should be taken to ICE for deportation and the those who are not residents of NM should be arrested. As a matter of fact, they all should be arrested for terrorist acts agains America.

  2. ANYONE who disrupts education and ILLEGALLY camps on public property in the act of “protesting” need arrested, jailed, and fined heavily! Those who are students should have their student status removed,(Expelled), with no student eligibility in New Mexico order placed on them! ANYONE who is NOT a student should be arrested and charges with felony mischief with no trespass orders placed against them as well!!

  3. They ignore the very real physical safety threats that the students and employees of UNM face every day. The police won’t help you, they won’t pony up funds for the employees getting attacked by the “homeless” — vagrants and junkies. It’s no surprise these spineless twits wouldn’t expel the students causing trouble, nor arrest the professional agitators managing the whole affair.

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