MLG signs edict to ‘conserve’ 30% of all NM lands by 2030

On Wednesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed her latest order to “conserve” at least 30 percent of all lands in New Mexico by 2030.

She wrote on Twitter, My administration has been working since day one to protect and preserve New Mexico’s environment and public lands. Today I’m proud to take our conservation efforts one step further by signing an executive order to conserve at least 30 percent of all lands in New Mexico by 2030.” 

In a subsequent tweet, she wrote, “Our 30 x 30 initiative honors New Mexico’s heritage & traditional land uses while protecting lands, watersheds, & wildlife. We have set the wheels in motion to conserve our state’s incredible natural resources & ensure that New Mexico remains, forever, the Land of Enchantment.” 

The arbitrary 30 number does not appear to have any science behind why she is doing it. It is not immediately clear how she will achieve this goal and what “conserve” means. It could possibly mean banning New Mexico lands from hunting and fishing or from New Mexico’s economic lifeblood in the natural resource extraction industries.

How the governor will obtain the goal of her unilateral edict is not clear, as it may require the state to purchase land from private landholders or tribes.

Larry Behrens from the pro-energy group Power The Future wrote following the order, “Just like Joe Biden, Governor Lujan Grisham can only issue executive orders because she knows her positions are so radical she can’t even get them past the legislature.”

Behrens added, “There is no one who is against common-sense conservation, but it’s clear the Governor just picked an arbitrary number of 30 because it’s one of the fewer and fewer numbers that is smaller than her approval rating.”

The Governor’s approval rating recently took a turn for the worst in the latest liberal-commissioned approval poll.

3 thoughts on “MLG signs edict to ‘conserve’ 30% of all NM lands by 2030”

  1. Vague edicts can only mean more disaster for the people of NM. Recently conservation in NM means reserving the Land for elites and catering to rabid environmentalists and excluding traditional uses for Native New Mexicans of all ethnicity. NM once had thriving logging /lumber , Cattle grazing and mining industries that provided employment for many New Mexicans. All sacrificed on the alter of new conservation ,meaning people aren’t factored in. Small rural self sustaining communities have been forced to be abandoned because politicians care more about their version of conservation than they do about the people. I trust this will be more of the same.

  2. I love how the world is burning, people are fighting, crime is rising, sink holes in Albuquerque opening up, and all our politicians are like yah 2030 electric cars and build soccer stadiums. Out of touch with reality is a serious mental illness. Signing EO’s for plans in 2030 should really concern us with election integrity and this regime take over. A EO for 2030 makes no difference if they are out of office in next couple years.

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