Two women injured at UNM abortion facility in single day

On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the University of New Mexico Center For Reproductive Health (UNMCRH), a freestanding abortion facility, was the site of two separate abortion-related medical emergencies documented by volunteers from Abortion Free New Mexico.

These incidents marked the eighth time such events have been recorded at this location since the initiation of the group’s daily prayer vigil, “No Sidewalk Without The Savior,” which began in April 2022.

The first emergency unfolded at approximately 2:30 PM, when emergency response teams, including a fire engine, two ambulances, and a police car, arrived at the scene. A woman was seen being transported out of the facility on a gurney to an ambulance.

A similar situation occurred again around 4:00 PM, with another woman requiring urgent medical attention. Both individuals were taken to a local emergency room, and the specifics of their conditions post-incident remain unclear.

The UNMCRH not only offers abortion services up to 24 weeks of pregnancy but is also involved in training resident physicians in abortion procedures through the Ryan Residency Training Program.

In response to these events, Tara Shaver, a spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico, released a statement condemning the practice of abortion. 

She expressed to Life News, “Abortion at any stage of pregnancy is a brutal violent act. Precious unborn children pay the ultimate price with their lives but many times, as documented twice today, women sustain life-threatening injuries because abortions are incredibly invasive and unnatural. Many women seeking abortions are not fully aware of the risks and they are even less likely to be told, by the abortion industry, about the alternatives to abortion. The pro-abortion community doesn’t care about women’s health, they just demand unrestricted abortion regardless of the life-threatening consequences.”

Volunteers from Abortion Free New Mexico maintain a consistent presence at Albuquerque’s abortion facilities, advocating for the lives of unborn children and providing information on alternatives to abortion to women considering this option.


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  1. Abortion is Not Healthcare & The Cherub Initiative Also is very active on the sidewalks as well both in front of Southwestern women’s options & Planned Parenthood Surgical Center ABQ

    1. What right does a women have to murder her baby in the womb simply because she does not want it? It’s a sin, and the women can give birth and then put the baby up for adoption.

  2. And with Arizona’s abortion ban more people will be coming to NM, the abortion/infanticide capital of the nation

  3. I am a sidewalk counselor and found the following: the largest cause of these frequent abortions is ignorance, lack of money, pressure from boyfriends and family members. Abortion is
    now used as contraception. What happened to the contraception pill? This younger generation has been brain washed by pro abortion organizations that ‘ educate’ them with the wrong information at high-school and colleges.
    In addition, most women are religious, but currently churches do not educate their youth and congregation about the spiritual and physical consequences of killing a baby. Some churches also pressure in not using contraception. Parents don’t seem to do their job either, are ignored by their children, or are ignorant. Please ask your church leaders to start educating their congregation about the spiritual and physical dangers of abortion. Once they receive these requests, they will consider it seriously. Churches are often reluctant to discuss the subject because they think its political and therefore loose their congregation. Instead, explain them that its a spiritual matter. Its murder, and therefore breaks one of the 10 commandments. They can get more info from or

    1. Thank you for posting Truth Ella. The church has failed in many areas, not only abortion issues.
      And I also plead to those who attend church to speak to pastors about this issue and for pastors to grow a pair and speak the biblical truth on the issues you mention above.

    2. You are correct in this respect, Ella. Abortion is often simply used as contraception. This is a subject that one should tease out in their minds – step back and consider.
      Even among many pro-life people artificial contraception is considered sacrosanct. Contraception is OK – abortion is bad.
      The fact is that abortion rates do not drop as contraception rates increase. Abortion rates increase in tandem with contraception rates. This is where morons like Sean Hannity get it all wrong.
      Once a contraceptive mentality has been introduced into a population you can confidently expect abortion rates to rise. When you eliminate the primary natural purpose of the sexual act (procreation) and turn the incidental element (pleasure) into the sole end you have successfully opened the door to all sorts of abuses, including the murdering of innocent babies in the wombs of their mothers.
      It is counter-intuitive at first glance, but much evidence points to the fact that artificial contraception increases abortion rates as opposed to decreasing them.

      1. Pro-life doc, where does your remarks about abortion rates do not drop as contraception rates increase. Where is your facts? What are you quoting from. Statements such as yours should be backed up with documentation.

        1. Sorry, Shinoa. I attempted a comprehensive response to your statement but there is a glitch in this blog that I have confronted before and it will not allow me to post. I’ve wasted an hour now. This information is available if you look for it. I had links to provide to you but the blog won’t post them.

    3. You might think a contraception pill is better, but did you know that the pill can also cause an abortion? And they can have the taker end up with cancer later in life. The safest contraception avoidance is abstinence. Else it is safer for the woman to give birth and put the child up for adoption. Many less health risks in pregnancy than in abortion.

      1. You are correct, Jean. At least according to what I was taught in medical school the “birth-control pill” has three mechanisms of action. Two of those prevent the fertilization of an ovum. The third results in an endometrial lining which is not conducive to the implantation of a fertilized ovum. This latter mechanism would fall under the category of “pharmaceutical abortion”. I am unaware of any studies that have tried to elucidate how often each of these mechanisms occur. So while we cannot tell a woman using oral contraceptives how often she is undergoing an abortion, we can confidently say that she is undergoing an abortion every now and then. Few women know this because few doctors explain it to them. In fact, when I began practice 40 years ago this information was printed on the product information sheet of the pills. I looked about ten years ago and this information was not there.
        You cannot get away from abortion by using contraceptives.

  4. Abstention is the best option but on the other hand we don’t need any more children in our very Broken Foster System.

    1. This sounds like you’re saying that if a baby will end up in foster care, it is better to kill him or her before he’s born, so that he or she won’t end up foster care. If that’s not what you intended to convey, perhaps consider your word choice a bit more carefully next time?

      If you did intend to convey that, why not just kill the children already in our very Broken Foster System? If your objection to doing that is “because it’s murder”, why would you consider killing children before birth not murder?

  5. A woman’s body belongs to the woman!!! If she wants an abortion its her choice. Government and others need to stay out of her Uterus.
    Its her choice!!! Guess when a man wants a vasectomy he will not be allowed to make that choice. He will need the governments permission. Women are not anyone’s property, they should be able to make their own decisions’. Without the peanut gallery telling them what they can and can not do. What is going to happen to all the UNwanted babies? Will the government take up the responsibility? Now that’s scary!!!

    1. A male vasectomy does not kill a forming life.
      Sad that a baby is ever unwanted… a babies life is as unique, precious and full of rights just as much as the mother.

    2. The baby is not anyone’s “property” either. That child is not “property” to be disposed of. There is something terribly wrong with anyone, man or woman, who demands the “right” to commit murder/infanticide. You have no defense for it. And before you shriek about abortion being “health care,” bear in mind that the vast majority of abortions are done because the child is an unwanted inconvenience and not because the woman’s health is at risk or the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape.

  6. I agree with “Pro-LifeDoc” comments above. Contraception is the forerunner to abortion. During the 70’s and 80’s, Planned Parenthood went into Pro Life Countries like the Philippines, Latin American countries, African countries, Indonesia, etc., and along with the US and UN funded artificial contraception programs knowing that abortion would easily follow. Abortion soon came to each of those countries and there is no such thing as a country, culture or society that has contraception and no abortion. In fact many contraceptives are abortifacients.
    It’s about changing the mentality of a person from respect Love for human life in the womb, to human life is disposable because it’s all about the
    “freedom” of choice (illicit choice) and the pleasure seeking individual or society. Now, we have euthanasia and infanticide instead of a loving God giving us the gift of children who will be our comfort and treasure in our old age. Many lonely people in nursing homes with no one to really love them or take good care of them like their aborted or contracepted children would have.

    1. Yes, Ma’am. Interestingly, as I did a quick search to help out Shinoa (above) there were plenty of links to refutations of what I said. Those links were to things like the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood, and other similar industries all of which profit handsomely from abortion. They understand quite well that the eugenecist contraception mentality provides a fertile field for reaping profit from abortion. They understand quite well that as contraception use increases, abortion rates rise.

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