Despite woke eco-leftism, Green New Deal, NM one of the ‘least-green states’

According to a report from WalletHub, New Mexico is one of the “least-green states,” ranking low on many of the 25 metrics identified by the report.

The ranking comes despite the Land of Enchantment’s Democrat-dominated legislature and far-left governor ramming through so-called “climate change” legislation to kill the oil and gas industry. 

One such piece of legislation was 2019’s Green New Deal, called the “Energy Transition Act” to completely annihilate the fossil fuel industry by 2035. 

On a scale from one to 50th (one being the best and 50th being the worst), New Mexico scored poorly on multiple metrics. 

The state ranked 46th in air quality, 50th in soil quality, 45th in water quality, 33rd in energy consumption per capita, and 36th for gasoline consumption in gallons per capita.

According to the study, New Mexico ranked overall as the ninth least-green state. WalletHub dubbed California the most-green state, while West Virginia took last place. 

California, in part, took the top spot because of its “high prevalence of droughts” and measures to mitigate those. It also “has the fourth-lowest overall energy consumption per capita, and the sixth-lowest gasoline consumption.”

WalletHub appears to mark high electric vehicle use, solar panels, and other so-called “climate change” efforts into its calculations. Because of these and the extremist eco-leftist laws passed in New Mexico, the state still ranks low on the WalletHub metrics.


9 thoughts on “Despite woke eco-leftism, Green New Deal, NM one of the ‘least-green states’”

    1. Another fail in the making along with gun control, plandemic response, protecting the border, and obtaining a cabinet-level position.

      1. All about elites and they are developing a server class for the elites. Libraries keep on voting for them slaves to them

  1. Bring back the Red Wave!!!! Get out and spread the words. VOTE TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS, NOT RINO! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  2. Just more ways to tax the working people. Gas and Oil provide half of the money the state spends in it’s budget. Who do you think will make up that half. Already going to increase the tax on gas by 50 cents a gallon next month.

  3. Very lame rankings.
    50th in soil quality. Well, yes, sand and rocks.
    46th in air quality. Blowing sand.
    45th in water quality. Good luck finding some.
    Report must have been prepared by coastal elitists.

    1. Yup. It’s a DESERT, but the Eco-Lefties still tried to put a “green belt” around Las Cruces. Maybe they’ll quit moving here ;-D

  4. We are always last in everything, but we are not last in being greenies. Our government sucks, let’s just keep electing POS democrats in and maybe we can be worse than other third world countries. I bet schools are better in India, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan !

  5. Wonder what they promised her to get her to screw over the people of this state. No oil? What will this state produce to fund this state, green chili?

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