MLG goes on CNN to promote unlimited late-term abortions in NM, bash SCOTUS

On Tuesday, scandal-ridden Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed a radical abortion up-to-birth law in New Mexico in 2021, appeared on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper to promote abortions.

While on the program, Lujan Grisham made outlandish claims, especially that she believes the U.S. Supreme Court “invited” states to “rewrite the U.S. Constitution,” despite abortion never being referenced in the document. the Court recently ruled in Dobbs v. Jackson that it was up to individual states to regulate abortions, which overturned the por-abortion 1973 Roe v. Wade and 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions.

“Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has basically said that we are inviting states to rewrite the U.S. Constitution in any way they want, they’re now also free, like Texas, to persecute providers and women who seek to access reproductive services in other states. So, we’re being proactive and making it clear that this is a reproductive safe haven state.”

She then went on to tout her signing of the anti-life law, telling Tapper, “We eliminated an antiquated New Mexico unconstitutional ban on abortion that criminalized providers. And while it was never utilized, providers were, in fact, nervous about it. Could see sort of the tipping point at the U.S. Supreme Court and were very clear that that needed to be removed from our statutory framework, which we did about a year ago.”

The bill flatly stripped all protections for babies in the womb, mothers, and medical professionals, creating an unsafe, unregulated abortion free-for-all in the state of New Mexico.

Then Tapper told Lujan Grisham that most Americans support some restrictions on abortion, telling the Governor, “The polls also indicate the American people, as a whole, do support some restrictions on abortion. What is the law in New Mexico? Are there any restrictions?”

Lujan Grisham responded, “There are no restrictions. given that we interpret and I agree that, again, per this new Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, is this is a privacy right and a personal decision between a woman and her doctor. and to interfere in any of these medical decisions creates, and it has, unknown, untold reductions in civil liberties for any number of individuals.”

She piled on, “Here, we would love to do as much as we can to focus on maternal health and prenatal health, to make sure that we have fewer and fewer and fewer and eliminate all unwanted pregnancies. however, in these late-term abortion issues, these are women who have picked a name, have enrolled in child care, who have a nursery. The kind of medical issues and deeply private, personal traumas that are occurring in those aspects, I don’t believe government has any right to interfere and judge those decisions when two medical providers are providing that information directly to their patient.”

The Governor recently signed an executive order meant to help harbor criminals who illegally perform abortions in other states and flee to New Mexico.

7 thoughts on “MLG goes on CNN to promote unlimited late-term abortions in NM, bash SCOTUS”

  1. MLG has blood on her hands with her pathetic call for more, more, more end -of -term unrestricted abortions.

  2. Nancy Tannenbaum

    She has sealed her eternal fate. God has warned in His Word what will happen to those who harm his “little ones.” Her future awaits her.

  3. It’s time to get real and really fight against MLG. Sure, she has shown herself to be a crook but it’s far worse to promote abortion and young encourage women from all over the US to use NM as an abortion zone. In NM no waiting periods, no required parental consent, and the ability to use state funding for an abortion. While Covid 19 shut down this country and is called a “pandemic” what about abortion? In 2021, 415k died from Covid (CDC reports) while over twice as many people died from abortions, 930K (Guttmacher). Where is the real crisis? Do New Mexicans value life? Where is the Catholic Church? Do we value our faith and family? Question why have New Mexicans allowed people like MLG to be examples to the young women in the state that need good, moral leadership. Start a real conversation.

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