NM state Reps. Stefani Lord, John Block sponsor bill mandating pedophile castration

On Thursday, New Mexico state Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo) dropped a bill, H.B. 128, which will mandate the chemical castration of pedophilic sex offenders as a condition of parole.

The bill notes, “A person required to undergo chemical castration treatment shall begin the treatment not less than one month prior to the person’s release from custody of the corrections department and shall continue receiving treatment until the court determines the treatment is no longer necessary. The treatment shall be administered by the department of health.”

Furthermore, the offender must eat the cost of the chemical castration in addition to any court costs. 

Another section of the proposed bill reads, “In addition to any condition of parole under Subsection A of this section, as a condition of parole, a person released on parole under this section shall authorize the department of health to share with the parole board all medical records relating to the person’s chemical castration treatment. A person may elect to stop receiving the treatment at any time and may not be forced to receive the treatment; provided that the refusal shall constitute a violation of the person’s parole and the person shall be immediately remanded to the custody of the corrections department for the remainder of the sentence from which the person was paroled.” 

If the offender claims indigency, the pedophile would need to appear before a court and prove they are “not capable of paying the fees or costs within the reasonably foreseeable future.”

The legislation will be heard in House Health and Human Services Committee and then House Judiciary Committee. No date has yet been set on the bill. 

Editor’s note: Rep. Block is the founder and editor of the Piñon Post, New Mexico’s leading conservative online news publication.


21 thoughts on “NM state Reps. Stefani Lord, John Block sponsor bill mandating pedophile castration”

  1. What good would this bill do? It has been scientifically proven that pedophiles are mental not physical, it the being in charge and control that makes this so bad.

    1. For the majority of pedophiles, this bill and the punishment guaranteed would be a likely deterrent, just like capitol punishment is to child killers. With the push by leftists/demented democrats/and mentally ill sex-obsessed idiots and pedophiles to ‘normalize’ pedophilia, this bill should be supported. I applaud Stefani Lord and John Block for this and I support them 100%.

    2. Right…but not having the “tool” to offend anymore would solve a lot of issues and has proven to be a deterrent in many other states where this exists. I might have the desire to choke my neighbor, but going to jail is the likelihood that makes me not go there.

      This is important, because the current administration (and past ones) don’t put a priority on prosecuting offenses to the underage, as well as human trafficking.
      Both MLG and Richardson were well-aware of what Epstein was doing in Stanley. Richardson was named and described by Virginia Giuffre as one of the men she was trafficked to as a 16/17 year old. Will either of them be prosecuted for what they know and did? Likely not. But if this was in place, Richardson at least would have something coming to him.

  2. I have no faith for common sense in NM, our leadership are turds. I understand when a grown up does something with a child, (Rape of a child) but when an 18 year old does something with there girlfriend or boyfriend (consensual maybe 2 years apart) and the parents get upset and have the kid arrested and they are now a pedophile, this is not the fix. Plus how do you castrate a woman. Come on equal justice. Also what Donnie said, if it is a rape type assault, how do we fix the mental sickness part. What does chemical castration do? Does it stop a man or women from having the physical tools to do it again??

  3. Castration won’t stop pedophiles, they will just find another way to violate their victims. They need to be locked up in a mental institution. Get them off the streets.

  4. This is why the Demorats always win in NM. Don’t waste OUR TIME with this STUPID SHIT. Get in there and Whip those progs asses on their GUN GRABBING. Your jobs are to PROTECT OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!!!! Don’t be Buffoons.

  5. Guess you’re going to block comments you don’t like….. Foolish Fools. Stop the Demorats from Infringing on Our God Given Rights….. Don’t run around spouting foolish gibberish. Do Your Jobs……

  6. If you’re that much of a threat when being let out on parole, you should simply not be let out.
    And I understand sex offenders are a problem, but don’t we need to prioritize legislation in NM to counter the immediate threats such as Communism? Why do Republicans ignore the real issues and instead introduce the Fox News distraction stories? I don’t think Republicans care at all about this state, they just want the drama and reelection.

  7. I back that bill!! I also would like for them to push a bill preventing criminals from running for office AND removing corrupt politicians from office! -can’t do that — the roundhouse would be quite empty..

    1. The ‘governor’ dancing in the streets with drag queens aka child groomers (many of them pedophiles) while wearing tutus and red cowboy boots comes to mind…

  8. As heinous as a sexual assault on a child is, resorting to barbaric punishment that would do nothing to prevent another violation is not the answer. Our justice system is not perfect and persons accused of sexual assaults have been cleared years later with new evidence. The system can restore their freedom in that case, but you can’t give a man back his testicles. And what do you do to female violators?

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