Toulouse Oliver threatens counties that won’t certify election results

On Tuesday, Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver sent out a threatening statement to county officials, demanding they certify election results no matter what or else they “will be met with swift legal action.”

The email reads, “The Secretary of State’s office has previously advised new Mexico’s county commissions about their legal duties regarding election certification and a copy of that guidance is included here.”

“New Mexico voters deserve to have their voices heard in full and any attempt to silence those voters through manipulation of the election certification process will be met with swift legal action,” it continues.

During the Otero County Commission meeting on certification, the board felt compelled to certify the election results, despite concerns of an “overall nationwide” problem of election integrity, according to the Commission’s Chair Vickie Marquardt.

During the presentation by Otero County Clerk Robyn Holmes, her staff said they do not know the technical workings of election machines and updating Dominion software. One staffer called it “mumbo jumbo,” adding they are not tech-savvy and that sort of thing “means absolutely nothing to us.”

Marquardt said, “We have been put in an impossible situation” regarding certification since the last time the Commission rejected the certification of the June 7, 2022, primary election, the Secretary of State’s office send a writ of mandamus compelling the Commission to certify or be removed. She also threatened a criminal referral to the New Mexico Attorney General’s office.

She added that “the state had pretty much taken the rights of the commission and authority of the commission away. We’re basically like notaries.” Counties have ten days following an election to certify election results.

The Otero County Commission ended up voting unanimously 3-0 to approve the certification of the Otero County election.

There were reports of election workers being instructed to track voters who used blue pens to fill in their ballots, and those names would be referred to the district attorney — which is a violation of New Mexicans’ civil rights and constituting voter intimidation.

Read more about apparent abnormalities in the 2022 General Election in New Mexico here.


19 thoughts on “Toulouse Oliver threatens counties that won’t certify election results”

  1. Tyrannical “leaders” drunk on power, along with a 2 tiered justice system is what we’re looking at here. Unless something happens soon, like Karl Schwab says, we will own nothing and be happy.

  2. Tell you what: how about the people deliver “swift legal action” against Miss Screwloose Oliver?! For authorizing false data dumps. For allowing Mayna Myers, who did not meet the requirements to run for SoS or any election, onto the ballot. For being involved in the election for her position – which is an obvious conflict of interest. And for priming the pump for fraud for months. WE NEED TO STAND UP AND PUSH BACK. What the hell is it going to take, people? You clearly SEE what the problem is and WHO the problem is. Are you going to complain or put some steam behind what you know to be the truth?

    1. hard to take legal action when the NM supreme court is all dim-crats–every case filed by the right is automatically thrown out

  3. Evil Secretary of State hiding her true intentions

    Democraps across the nation used their power to steal more elections. Of course she wants elections certified. Evil dems are afraid they will get their hand caught in the cookie jar. Secretary of State does not mean she is a ruler who can attack and force her evil demands on others. You work for the people, Dumb witch, with b.

  4. Good for her. All this mumbo jumbo about problems with the voting machines needs to stop. The horse is already dead….stop beating it.

  5. So disappointed that I actually do not have a voice. When our commissioners were stripped of THEIR/OUR rights, and of what We the People of Otero County wanted, the obvious is clear. It’s the Democrat way or no way. I’m still amazed how crime still rules. It seems to be the ‘in thing’ to allow serious crime to reign, as common sense goes down the drain.

    “To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace.”
    ― Malcolm X

    1. the repubs have refused to use the constitution properly because they are controlled opposition so the corruption continues. we have a uni party, not two parties. they are both seditious criminals.

  6. Corruption runs deep in New Mexico and Too -loose Oliver knows it! She’s playing the typical dembocrap game of intimidation and threats just like the piglet squatting in the Governors chair!! WAKE UP New Mexico. You can’t push the same button over and over then expect different results! It;s time to end the Loserjan regime!

  7. I for one definitely feel outnumbered by the leftists, and I’m sure that’s by design. Together with big-money media, outside money to “non-profit” groups with loud voices, etc. the Dems are emboldened to do whatever they want to get their globalist agenda carried out. The USA and individual freedom mean nothing to them, and they’ve passed that sentiment on to our children through a corrupt education system. Trump is only a small part of the answer, as “the swamp” is much more powerful than he is. Secession of states is inevitable at this point. No other way out…

  8. Notice how this Bi!ch along with the SOS in AZ were in charge of their own election? That’s like the congress ( state and federal) being in charge of their own pay raises, oh yeah that happens also!!!

  9. Love those New Mexicans that are speaking out and not giving in! Hang in there and know that staying on the right path will lead us out of the dark dispair we’ve been living with the criminal cabal in charge. They are meerly pupits doing the bidding of the satanic few pulling the strings. Hold yourselves to a higher standard and never give in or give up! Our day will come when those currupt politicos will be gone. Love wins!

  10. Legal action against the corruption is useless. Everyone who is charge with doing something about the fraud is in office and was elected using the machines. Everyone charged with doing something about the fraud doesn’t see a problem. The conservative county commissioners all across our state need to act TOGETHER and not seperatly. If numerous county commissions all act together, it will make a begger difference. There is power in numbers. The ones in power WILL NEVER do anything to limit their own power….Democrat or Republican. The people are the ones who need to limit the power of the elite! Until enough people stand up and just say “NO!”, nothing will ever change. They can make an example of one or just a few.
    The can’t make examples of hundres! We’re not hurting bad enough yet. We talk big but I can assure you, that our lives are too easy…to cushy to do anything that might cost us. We like to talk big, but if standing for righteousness costs me anything, then I’m out. That’s pretty much our motto in America. We all just a bunch of blow hards! I’m thankful that our Founding Fathers weren’t!

  11. So a California POS moves to New Mexico and now is demanding that New Mexicans get woke or be crushed by the might and majesty of HER government.

    So this Left Coast dimmoKKKrap comes out among us bumpkins and runs roughshod over us. I read in her biopsy that AFTER her ascension to the SoS throne she rams through the Alinsky/Communist Party Manifesto to dictate elections in the future as well as “shine a light on dark money” in politics. But I wonder how she’s got the money to run HER OWN campaign. It smells like NAZI GEORGE SOROS cash to me. Demand an investigation of MTO – and not a MLG mouthpiece but by a independent prosecutor, insist she come clean on her own doners.

  12. This is exactly the problem with our country right now….. Hate and division!!! We need to quit threatening parties and dogging the political representatives on all sides and quit falsely accusing everyone of fraud and call a win a win and a loss a loss!!! This was not an issue until a past President decided this is how we treat each other!!! God is a God of love… Not hate!!! There is only ONE God… And he is not running for President for the third time!!!! So get over it!!!

  13. Well, now we know where Katie Hobbs, faux governor-elect of AZ got the idea!

    Toulouse-Lautrec needs to sit down and shut up. She has been trying to interfere with our elections for a long, long time.

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